2023 eNewsletter No. 01

Happy New Year and welcome back to the 2023 school year.

In case you have not caught up with the news – Mr Chris Brandwood, Principal of Ocean View College for the past six years has won the Principal position at Blackwood High School.  As a consequence, I have been given the privilege of working as Principal at our school for the 2023 school year.

We have had a great start to Term 1.  Our students have transitioned well into their new year levels and are establishing routines for a successful year ahead.  I would like to give a special welcome to our new Receptions and Year 7 students.  A warm welcome also to any other students and families new to the Ocean View College community.

We began the new school year with our 2022 Year 12 results.  Every student from last year’s cohort is to be commended on their efforts.  Some important points to highlight:

  • 2022 – 100% SACE completion
  • DUX – Jacob C-H
    • 98.95 ATAR
    • Recipient of the Governor’s Merit Award
    • Medicine – University of Adelaide

Ocean View College would like to congratulate our Dux of 2022, Jacob C-H, for winning a Governor of South Australia Commendation – Excellence Award. He was presented this award at Government House on Thursday, 9th February 2023.

This award recognises Excellence in the development of one or more SACE capabilities, including the equivalent of an A (A+, A, A-) in 70 credits of Stage 2 subjects or courses.

  • Students who achieved high ATARs
    • Jacob C-H– 98.95
    • Ivy A – 96.5
    • Jessica L – 88.30
    • Marlia M – 87.30
  • VET – 23 students used VET as an integral part of their SACE Completion
  • Modified SACE Completion – first time at OVC in 2022
    • Kira G
    • Connor W

Most importantly, our Year 12 students reached personal goals and as a school community we feel proud and privileged to have supported them on their learning journey.  We wish all 2022 Year 12 students good luck as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome new staff to Ocean View College for 2023:

  • Damien Kelly – Assistant Principal (Head of Senior School)
  • Jason Kan – Creative Arts
  • Mitchell Roberts – STEM (semester 1)
  • Woody Winton – STEM
  • Mackenzie Brown – Japanese
  • Pirrie Weeks – English and HASS
  • Emma Kelly – Financial Support (front office).

I am also pleased to let you know about changes to the roles of a few of our 2023 OVC staff:

  • Maja Williams – Deputy Principal (R-12)
  • Renee Kingston-Mayne – Stem Leader (7-12)
  • Amy Kretschmer – B1 Curriculum Leader (R-6)
  • Mackenzie Price – Primary Years Wellbeing Leader
  • Ursula Gospic – Primary years to Year 7 in the secondary school.

In addition we are fortunate to welcome other specialised staff to Ocean View College, those whose role it is to support some of the new initiatives of the school:

  • Sue Bryson – 0.8 Speech Pathologist (R-12)
  • Simon Mather – Middle School Youth Worker
  • Shannon Isaac – Mental Health Practitioner.

Governing Council AGM

The 2023 AGM has been organised for Tuesday 21 March at 6.30 pm – venue Senior Centre. We strongly urge parents and carers to consider becoming a member of the Governing Council and an active member of the wider school community.  If you would like further information please call the school on 8248 1422

Want to participate and have a say in the whole school direction?

We invite our parents/caregivers to join us at our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 21st of March from 6:30pm in the Senior Centre.

If you wish to nominate for a position on our Governing Council please complete and return a nomination form available from the Front Office and emailed to families.

Please return via the Front Office your RSVP and/or completed nomination forms or email to : sharelle.brookes262@schools.sa.edu.au

We look forward to seeing you there!


Wishing you all a productive and positive year. I look forward to working in partnership with you all in 2023.


Anne Thornton

School Fees / School Card

Finance Report

Thank you to all our wonderful families who have already paid in full, applied for School card or organised payment plans.  The finance team greatly appreciated your support of the school.

School Card

Please complete a new School Card Application each calendar year either at the school or online at:


If you have not applied for school card this year, please contact the Finance Manager to have an application lodged for the 2023 school year.  School Card applications will need to be lodged by 24th November 2023.

Payment plans

Payment plans are available for families to make regular payments for school fees, laptops and subject fees. The school can organise for a payment plan to suit your needs, please contact the Finance Manager for details.

2023 SA Government Rebate

A credit note has been raised for every student who has been invoiced for the 2023 Material and Services Charge.  I apologise this was not the case when the consolidated invoices were posted home.

Families who are paying school fees will be able to access this rebate from the government.

Families who are School Card recipients will not be able to access this rebate.

Please let us know if you are unable to meet your financial obligations and we can work on an alternative plan.


Heather Long
Finance Manager

Primary Years (Reception-6) Update

We have had a great start to the year in our Primary area. We welcomed our new Reception students and also a number of new students across the year levels. Everyone has settled very well! On Friday afternoons we have started what we are calling “Electives”. The students voted for an activity they would like to do for the term, the choices were;

Chess/board games



Theatre Group

Quiet reading and mindfulness


So far students and teachers are loving Friday afternoons!

We also held our first Assembly and now that restrictions are behind us, we would like to start inviting families along to our Assemblies – so watch this space!

As a Primary Year’s Team we see the importance in positive praise and recognition of “over & above” behaviours. We have changed our reward system to reflect this belief. Students are awarded points for behaviours that show our values of Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. These points are added to the House teams of Sharks, Dolphins and Stingrays. So far the points are Sharks – 491, Dolphins – 388, Stingrays – 309

We also held our Acquaintance Afternoon & BBQ, it was lovely to see so many of you! I would also like to comment on how fabulous everyone looks in their uniforms and I thank you for supporting us with this.

Kind regards,

Shelley Scott
Head of Primary Years (R-6)

High School - Middle Years (7-9) Update

It has been wonderful seeing our Middle Years students settle back into school after the school holidays. We have been particularly impressed with how well our new students have settled in, particularly our new Year 7s. As our final transition activity for this cohort our Year 7s attended Aquatics at West Lakes where they participated in various aquatics activities to promote teamwork, resilience and communication. All students that attended are to be commended for their fantastic participation and for representing the school to an excellent standard.

The transition from Primary School to Secondary School can be challenging, and as a parent, you can often go from being overwhelmed with information about what your young person is up to at school to radio silence once they reach secondary school. It was wonderful to see many families attending our Acquaintance Evening on the 7th of February. During this evening lots of information was provided to families about the operational aspects of our school. A particularly important communication tool in the High School was highlighted, being our Daymap Parent Portal. The Daymap Parent Portal is an excellent way to keep updated with your young persons learning, achievement and attendance at school. The portal can be accessed via a web browser or app. If you are yet to connect, please contact our ICT Team for access.

To support the Wellbeing of our Middle Years students we have introduced several small group interventions to address emerging trends and needs with our students in years 7-9. This includes

  • Blueprint for a man – boys group to promote pro-social skills
  • Mind Your Amygdala- small group sessions led by our Mental Health Practitioner for students with anxiety
  • Tutoring- for students that require additional learning support
  • Girls Group- to promote connections and the wellbeing of our Middle Years girls

In addition to this our Middle Years support team has grown this year with the inclusion of a Youth Worker to support the emerging needs of our Middle School Students. While our Mentor Teachers are always a great first point of contact we are here to help you If there is anything we can do to support you or your child please feel free to get in touch by phoning the school or by sending us an email,

Simon Mather- Youth Worker (Middle Years):  simon.mather205@schools.sa.edu.au

Vanessa Bojczuk- Wellbeing Leaders (Middle Years): vanessa.bojczuk366@schools.sa.edu.au

Rachel Seager- Assistant Principal, Middle Years:  Rachel.seager380@schools.sa.edu.au


Dear Y7 & Y8 Parents/Caregivers, please read the attached letter regarding changes to the National Immunisation Program 2023 for year 7 and year 8 students . Due to data entry deadlines we still require all consent forms across years 7 and 8  to be ready for pick up along with a class list on Wednesday 15/02/2023.  Kind regards, Caroline OVC 8248 1422

School newsletter parent information Ocean View College

Kind regards,

Rachel Seager
Head of Middle School (Years 7 – 9)

High School - Senior Years (10-12) Update

Message from the Ocean View College Senior Team

It has been very pleasing to see how the Senior Students have started 2023. The Year 12s walked into a freshly painted Senior Centre Day 1 and have demonstrated a determined approach to their learning and school life in general. The Year 10s and 11s then were welcomed on Day 2 and eagerly participated in our Senior School Challenge Cup.


Almost all students have returned their ‘Excellence in Senior School’ contract. The purpose of this is to identify that excellence comes in many forms and the role of staff to ensure there is support but challenge for students to achieve best possible outcomes.

Some key principles to success for this are being present and on time, well prepared for lessons including uniform and a purpose. Parents/Caregivers have a huge role to play in this as well and working in partnership is the key to this. Please don’t hesitate to contact staff at the College should you wish to discuss any concerns.

It gives us great pleasure to announce Declan H and Lana C as our School Captains for 2023. Both students have impressed with their attitude and wider commitment to the College over many years. Their calm and genuine approach to improving student outcomes bodes well for an exciting 2023.

Joining them are Abigail P and Andrew M who are equally committed to improving outcomes for students and making Ocean View College the best school it can be. Congratulations!

Kind regards,

Damien Kelly
Head of Senior School (Years 10 – 12)

Nunga Update

Cultural Presentation

In week 3, Uncle Michael O’Brien came in to talk to the SAASTA students about the cultural significance of the LeFevre Peninsula and the importance of elders in the community. Uncle Michael also explained the role culture plays in bringing people together. Students will use this information to design their polo top for the Aboriginal Power Cup early next term.

Tjindu Foundation

The Tjindu Foundation is an Aboriginal program developed to enhance the well-being, cultural resilience, school retention and employment prospects of senior male and female Aboriginal students. Once a week, students attend the offsite program to learn about culture, football skills and job readiness. This year, OVC has three students participating in the program – we wish them the best of luck.


Sports Day

Children's Centre Update

Highlights of Term 1 so far at the Children’s Centre have been…

The new cohort of children have settled in well. They continue to enjoy exploring all areas of the preschool environment. The outdoors has been a place to set up a natural cubby using logs and grapevines, search through the herb garden looking for snails, playing with sea creatures in the bubbly water and painting amazing pictures.

Chinese New Year was celebrated with the Dragon Dance!

Kind regards,

Kelly Squires
Director Ocean View Children’s Centre

Rory's Catering/Canteen Menu 2023

Community Notices & School Holiday Activities

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