2022 eNewsletter No. 03


With the weather finally beginning to improve and students feeling the final run to the end of term 2022, I hope that the year has been a positive one for our OVC community.

It is with considerable sadness that I announce that I will be leaving the role of Ocean View College Principal at the end of this year.

For those who may not be aware, I have accepted the position of Principal of Blackwood High School beginning in 2023, a position that was only advertised this term, as the current principal is retiring suddenly. For those families new to OVC next year, I would like you to know that I had no intentions to change schools until a few weeks ago, when this attractive opportunity presented itself.

I have certainly enjoyed my six years in the role and feel that my team have achieved significant positive educational and cultural change across the R to 12 environment. OVC is a great community school with wonderful kids, staff and families and I will certainly miss the positive feel and professional energy of the place.

I am extremely happy that Anne Thornton (Deputy Principal) has been appointed as interim principal for two terms with the role likely to be advertised across the state in term 2 next year. Anne is a highly experienced and knowledgeable leader who is ready to enter the realms of principalship. Our Education Director, Rick Bennallick, has assured me that he will be strategic when filling the new principal position, understanding that it is a demanding and complex role from the Children’s Centre to Year 12 and Harbor View. We are currently running an internal process to appoint a Deputy Principal to backfill Anne and this will be announced shortly.

Again, I’m sorry to announce this with such a short turn around, but the site will continue to function at a high level due to the quality of it’s teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff.

I wish you all well for the future and hope that you have a happy Christmas break.


Chris Brandwood

Deputy Principal's Message - Key Information for Parents/Caregivers




Monday 23/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm
Tuesday 24/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm
Wednesday 25/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm
Thursday 26/1/2023 PUBLIC HOLIDAY – CLOSED
Friday 27/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm


The Ocean View College community believes that a consistent school uniform creates a sense of collective pride in both students’ appearance and identification within our school community.

Unfortunately, we have a number of students who are not wearing the correct uniform.  With the 2023 school year just around the corner we ask that parents and families plan to purchase only clothing and footwear that matches the OVC Uniform Policy.  The OVC Uniform Policy specifically requires:

  • Plain navy skirts (to be mid-thigh length)
  • Navy skorts with OVC logo
  • Plain navy trousers or pants
  • Plain navy shorts (girls to be mid-thigh length)
  • Plain black shoes – this includes black soles, black laces and black eyelets, etc.

Just a reminder that the following are not part of the school uniform and therefore should not be worn to school:

  • Jeans and leggings
  • Hoodies

Please visit the OVC website or contact us directly at school if you would like further information about uniform matters.

OVC Orientation Letter

OVC Price List


Anne Thornton
Deputy Principal B-12

School Fees / School Card


Governing Council has approved the following fees for 2023

  • Primary – Reception to Year 6 $350
  • Secondary – Year 7 to Year 12 $490

The only subject fees to be charged over and above these fees are for Outdoor Education.  These invoices will be sent out with the invoices for the M&S fee in January.


The South Australian Government will again give each child a rebate of $100 off their M&S fee for 2023.  This credit note will be raised with the M&S Fee and sent out with any subject fee for your child.


Thank you to our wonderful families for voting positively to allow the finance team to debt recover the whole Material & Services Fee for 2023.

We report on the outcome of our POLLING vote from parents and carers in the school community.

We had an outstanding response, and we would like to thank our families for their interest in the school community and their children’s education.

This year 114 families responded.

The vote included all children within the family and the count totalled as follows:

Primary              =  22 said yes         17 said no

Secondary         =  63 said yes         48 said no

The vote is based on the majority of votes.

2023 Materials and Services charges will be:

Reception – year 6     $350

Year 7-12 (including Harborview) $490


School Card Applications for 2023 will be available in January both online and paper copies from the front office.  Please complete a new School Card Application each calendar year.


The school offers a number of payment plans to support parents with their financial obligations:

  • Direct Debit from your account – we will negotiate your payment plan to suit your circumstances.
  • Centrepay – we can negotiate to have a payment paid to the school from your Centrelink account. Once again we will negotiate your payment plan to suit your circumstances.

Payment plans can be negotiated with the finance manager at the front office.


The school will be open on the following days at the listed times for payment of fees, school card applications and payment plans.

Monday 23/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm
Tuesday 24/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm
Wednesday 25/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm
Thursday 26/1/2023 PUBLIC HOLIDAY – CLOSED
Friday 27/1/2023 9:00am – 3:30pm


Payment plans are available for families to make regular payments for school fees, laptops and subject fees. The school can organise for a payment plan to suit your needs please contact the Finance Manager for details.

Please let us know if you are unable to meet your financial obligations and we can work on an alternative plan.


Heather Long
Finance Manager

Primary Years (Reception-6) Update


Congratulations to our Junior School Cross country runners:

Evita – 6th
Addi – 11th
Jade – 12th
Grace T – 2nd (Division 1)
Jaqueline – 2nd
Lily – 10th
Layla – 4th
Emma – 10th
Will T – 1st
Tadhg – 10th
Well done to Jensen, Celeste, Dragan and John for completing as well.

ANZAC Spirit Award

All Year 6 and 9 students applied for the ANZAC Spirit Award. The three students pictured (Renee, Allira and Violet) have been chosen as candidates for Le Fevre Peninsula Spirit of ANZAC Award, which is organised by Largs Bay RSL. Allira (middle) won the ANZAC Spirit Award and will receive a $250 voucher. All three participants will place a wreath, on behalf of Ocean View College.

It is a huge achievement and so happy to see three wonderful students represent Ocean View College.

Kind regards,

Shelley Scott
Head of Primary Years (R-6)

High School - Middle Years (7-9) Update

What a busy year it has been! I have been very proud of the hard work and resilience shown by students in the Middle Years. It has certainly been a very busy year with the inclusion of Year 7s into high school, which for OVC has resulted in additional classes and opportunities. 

We work with our young people to achieve one year growth for one year of learning and when analysing our achievement data, it is very pleasing to see that we have had an increase in the number of students achieving a C or above in their subjects. This is particularly encouraging when we have had another year of disruptions due to COVID-19. 

Unfortunately, the impacts of COVID-19 have meant that our attendance is not where we wanted it to be. To further support the attendance of our young people we have created a new Youth Worker position within the Middle Years in 2023. We know that in addition to improved learning outcomes regular attendance at school also supports our young people to have improved mental and physical health and stronger connections to other young people. We hope that by providing additional support for students and families in this space will see improvement in 2023. 

It has been pleasing to see that vast majority of our students uphold our school values and expectations with their behaviour at school and in the community. Unfortunately, there are a small number of students that have really struggled with this. To better support all students with their behaviour we are in the process of undertaking a review of our behaviour management strategies across the college. This will aim to provide consistency for all staff and clear expectations for students. We will focus on explicit teaching of expected behaviours and logical steps for students that behave inappropriately. This will also include a clearer process around the use of mobile phones at school.  

To support student Wellbeing our Middle Years students have had the opportunity to engage in many exciting opportunities over the course of the year to enrich their school experience and develop important skills as young adults. Some of these opportunities include;  

  • The transition of our new Year 7s and 8s to High School 
  • The resilience our Year 9 students demonstrated during their period of remote learning 
  • NAPLAN  
  • Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week activities  
  • School Sport and SAPSASA Sport  
  • Flash Mentoring and worksite exposure and immersion experiences through The Smith Family’s Growing Careers Project as part of Career Education  
  • Small group programs focusing on social and emotional learning facilitated by Relationships Australia SA as well as Emily, our Social Work student 
  • The launch of our new whole school wellbeing program ‘Open Parachute’ to support students in building their own strategies to enable positive mental health 
  • Sports Day 
  • R-12 Colour run 

And so many more!  

As we reach the end of another school year, I would like to wish you and your family happy and safe holiday period. To our Year 9 students transitioning to Senior Years, I wish you all the very best in this next chapter of your schooling.  

Kind regards,

Rachel Seager
Head of Middle School (Years 7 – 9)

High School - Senior Years (10-12) Update


While year 12 students await their results it’s important for them to keep in mind that the Selection Rank is not the only way to access further education at university.

We have been provided with some useful information from UniSA to share with our Year 12 students as we approach the release of the SACE results on the 19th of December.

Click on the link below to access information about:

  • Preferences
  • Year 12 results release and next steps
  • Guaranteed entry
  • Offers
  • Enrolment
  • scholarships

“University of South Australia (UniSA) – Application Health Checks

Set yourself up to receive the UniSA offer you really want. Book an Application Health Check to find out more about Guaranteed Entry using your Year 12 grades or Selection Rank, pathways, and ordering your preferences to kickstart your unstoppable career in 2023.

Students can call the school if they have questions about their results.


Year 9s spent the day in the Senior Centre with some of their Mentor Group teachers for next year. They completed a series of activities that helped them get to know what Senior Schooling will have in store for them and allowed us to get to know them as students.

The Year 11s received their timetables and attended mini sessions with their new Year 12 teachers who explained what the new subjects entailed and how to prepare.

On the Year 10 transition Day, students received information about their SACE patterns, behaviour protocols, wellbeing and how to be more involved next year. After a barbecue lunch, students were able to take part in the Colour Run.


The Senior Centre is undergoing a transformation and students will be able to look forward to a fresh space with new carpet next year.


This semester the Stage 1 Art students have been studying the topic Street Art for their Visual Study. We are very fortunate to have a local Street Art Gallery in Port Adelaide thanks to the Wonderwalls Festivals.

On Tuesday the 23rd of August 2022, the students departed Ocean View by train to observe and research the variety of street art in our local area.

We saw some inspirational artworks from the Wonderwalls exhibition and also to found hidden artworks down side streets. Local exposure to street art  helped students clarify their statements for their visual studies research question looking into the differences between street art and graffiti.

It also inspired ideas for back at school and their own mural design ideas. We discussed how often we drive through the port but had never taken the time to stop and look at the art work. When was the last time you had a look at the evolving artwork in the port?

Melissa Kate McPharlin


Student nomination: Brodie M

The Smith Family would like to nominate Brodie M for the Minister for Education Award as part of the 2022 Children’s Week celebrations.

Brodie has been involved with The Smith Family since 2017, participating in numerous educational programs that have helped shape, guide and support Brodie through his school journey so far. These programs include:

– Learning Club school and homework/Maths support: 2018 – ongoing

– Student2Student reading program: 2017 & 2018

– Passport to Success primary to high school transition program: 2019

– Work Inspiration career pathway program: 2022

Brodie who is in Year 10, has continued working hard to try and achieve his long-term goal of joining the Navy once his completes Year 12.  He has joined the Maths club at Ocean View College in 2022 to help him further his advancement in this subject.

He will be participating in a Coxswain course which is a domestic certificate of competency that will allow you to command and operate the engines of a vessel less than 12 metres long.

The Rotary Club is also sponsoring Brodie to participate in the One and All Tall Ships program, giving Brodie a wonderful experience of sailing on the open seas.

Brodie has a high engagement in his learning which is reflected in his attendance and grades at school.All of us from The Smith Family think Brodie would be a wonderful recipient of the Minister for Education Award.


Year 11 student Maddy has spent thousands of hours of her life honing her cheerleading skills.  Since the age of 9, Maddy has been tumbling, dancing, balancing, and cheering her way to an elite level and enjoying success in competitions across the country. Spending a huge chunk of her life at Glynde-based cheerleading club ‘Fire Nation’ or ‘Phoenix’, Maddy recently took part in the the Aussie State Golds, a three-day event at Titanium Arena in Adelaide.  Featured in nine separate teams, Maddy walked away with numerous medals including a 1st, two 2nds, and a 3rd.  During her cheerleading journey, Maddy has been a part of hundreds of teams and has collected over forty titles for her tremendous efforts.  With five trainings a week and competition days lasting for up to 15 hours, Maddy’s persistence and determination are great examples for our entire school community.  She has more competitions in SA and interstate before the end of the year.  Good luck Maddy and congratulations on your outstanding successes!

Maddy – flying to the pinnacle of success.

Kind regards,

Larah Stieg
Head of Senior School (Years 10 – 12)

Sports and PE Update

Year 9 Outdoor Education

Earlier this term, the Year 9 Outdoor Education class participated in several practical excursions to Beyond Bouldering. Bouldering is similar to rock climbing. However, you are free climbing either a natural or artificial rock wall and do not require a harness or ropes. Towards the end of the unit, some of the students were completing some of the most challenging climbs in the gym, which made Mr Fantus very jealous. At the end of the unit, students reflected on their experience and skill development as part of the linked assessment task. All the students noted that they would give it another go outside of school in the future.

Lawrence Fantus


The annual R-12 Sports Day event took place early term 4. Congratulations to the Dolphins for taking out the Year 5-12 event and the Sharks for winning the R-4. As always, a big thank you to all the staff for supporting at the track and field events, BBQ, scoring, the band and house supervision. It is a huge day and events like this can’t go ahead without the support from staff.

There was a great turnout from students and parents on the day. Norms Donut and Ice cream van was a hit, and so too the coffee van amongst staff and parents. The Year 12’s, along with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Baker cooked up a storm at the BBQ and Bake sale stand, earning some much-needed funds for the Year 12 graduation.

Inclusive Ed Brandon A Shakira B
5/6 Tadgh S Layla S
7 Serhan A Mai A
8 Riley H Kaylee Heffernan
9 Eli B, Jamie B, Riley M Caitlin H, Amanda P
10 Stanley C Haylee P, Jasmine T
Open Cooper S-F Amy P


Well done to all year level award winners. These are awarded to the students who attended the most events and earnt the most points for their year level.

Several records were also broken on the day, with the highlight being Serhan in Year 7, breaking three records with one being a new 100m time of 11.5. He also broke the 200m and Long Jump records. Tadgh S in year 5/6 also broke three records on the day (200m, HJ and LJ). Jessica R in Year 5/6 broke two new records for the girls (HJ and LJ).

  • Serhan A (Year 7 boys 100m) – 11.50
  • Mai A (Year 7 girls 100m) – 14.06
  • Riley M (Year 9 boys 100m) – 12.06
  • Tadgh S (Year 5/6 boys 200m) – 33.06
  • Layla S (Year 5/6 girls 200m) – 35.53
  • Serhan A (Year 7 boys 200m) – 26.53
  • Kelly H (Year 5/6 girls discus) – 15.5m
  • Hayden K (Year 8 boys Shot Put) – 10.89
  • Tadgh S (Year 5/6 boys High Jump) – 1.25m
  • Jessica R (Year 5/6 girls High Jump) – 1.07m
  • Zayden T (Year 8 boys High Jump) – 1.52m
  • Tadgh S (Year 5/6 boys Long Jump) – 4.02m
  • Jessica R (Year 5/6 boys Long Jump) – 3.48m
  • Serhan A (Year 7 boys Long Jump) – 5.37m
  • Riley H (Year 8 boys Long Jump) – 5.01m
  • Riley M (Year 9 boys Long Jump) – 5.45m

One of our OVC students has made a podcast about Sports Day, please click on the link below to check it out.

OVCs Student View Podcast: It’s Sports Day!


Congratulations to Penny M in Reception for raising the most money towards our Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun fundraiser. Thank you for raising a whopping $422 that has gone towards our whole school Wellbeing programs.

Penny M has now gone the draw to win a JB Hi-fi $10,000 shopping spree from @Australian Fundraising. The prize will be drawn at the end of the year. Good luck!

The Total raised for Ocean View College was $2164.34 Wow!

Other notable fundraisers were Harry C with $315, Kay Leigh M and Amber E who each raised $260.

Well done to all fundraisers and Colour Run participants it was a fun (yet messy) way to get active together. Your prizes and participation certificates are on their way.

Thank you again for your support and generosity. We couldn’t do it without you!

Kind regards,

Bradlee Wilkinson
HPE & Sports Coordinator 

Inclusive Education


During term 3, the Inclusive Education team introduced elements of Positive behaviour for Learning across the 3 Inclusive Education Classes.

Positive Behaviour for Learning is an evidence-based framework comprised of practices and systems for establishing positive school cultures, learning and teaching environments and individual behaviour supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all studentsDr Tim Lewis (University of Missouri)

We have done some explicit teaching around the school values and behaviour pillars and created specific behaviour pillars for out in the yard.

Our data for term 3 is extremely impressive. Staff were able to catch students doing the right thing 955 times in 5 weeks.

Congratulations to all students on working really hard to demonstrate positive behaviour. Our leader board so far is…


Jj 32
Jordan 45
Shayla 33
Tiana 42
Wynta 23
Zaylen 57



Blake 33
Brandon 98
Bruce 56
Hameed 65
Levi 24
Reece 57
Sankeeth 70



Carlos 49
Connor 21
Koopa 46
Luke 63
No 57
Shakira 84


We also put the call out to local businesses seeking donations for our weekly prize draws to support, encourage and motivate students do the right things and support our journey through Positive Behaviour for Learning.

We are forever thankful to the following businesses and individuals for their support

Semaphore Variety Store

Terry White Chemist Largs Bay

Natalie Reppenhagen

Denim Withnell

Sarah Brooksby

The More You Nurture, The More You Grow – Inclusive Education Garden Beds and Mural

Our Middle and Senior Inclusive Education Classes have been looking at different Street Art Styles and the way Art in public spaces can make you feel. As a class, we decided to design and paint the garden beds that are near our Inclusive Education classrooms. We thought this would be a good idea as Natalie Reppenhagen organised a cross-curricular program to use the garden and plants for Maths, Science, and Home Economics which students have loved!

We all came up with the theme ‘the more you nurture, the more you grow’ because the more you nurture and love yourself the more you grow as a person (this goes for the plants too)! We discussed the way Art can completely transform a space and make you feel happy. Students wanted to create two pieces of vibrant Artwork to nurture our school community with happiness and I believe that they have done just that with their bright and patterned designs.

Extremely well done to the Middle and Senior Inclusive Education Students. Keep up the incredible work every one of you does!

Miss Emily Johns and Miss Natalie Reppenhagen

Parent Forum Flyer – Adelaide 24Nov2022


Last term we were fortunate to have Variety provide a day out for our Inclusive Education Classes. We had a great day seeing the animals, meeting the various mascots, having lunch and dodging the rain.

We would like to sincerely thanks The Variety Club for their hard work and efforts to make a day like this possible

Kind regards,

Emma Ramke
Assistant Principal – Inclusion R-12

Nunga Update


Late last term, OVC’s Culture Captains and Aboriginal Education Team delivered a whole school Aboriginal Education Assembly. The assembly highlighted the importance of significant Aboriginal events, Aboriginal programs offered at OVC, and the achievements of Aboriginal elders who have sadly passed away. Congratulations to our Culture Captains for organising and running the assembly.


Our senior students will undertake training as a Barista.  This course is a mixture of practical and theory where students will have to demonstrate their understanding of how to prepare, extract and serve a variety of espresso coffees in a safe & hygienic way.


Will be participating in the SAASTA Connect Aboriginal Power Cup.  They will complete against other SAASTA school.  This carnival will be Karen Rolton Oval – Gladys Elphick Park/Narrungga (Park 25)


Our R – 1 students will be participating in Minya Ones this term.  Uniting SA Aboriginal Family Workers, Aunty Ingrid & Viv leads this program to help our young students develop a sense of identity & respect for culture through Storytelling, Arts & craft and celebration of cultural events.

The Year 3 & 4 students did artwork for Uniting SA.


Watto Purrrunna Aboriginal Primary Health care Service will be coming to our school to conduct a health check on our Nunga children Under 8.  They will be checking the ears and doing basic health check.


The Workabout Centre supports Aboriginal young people to move between study & employment. The program offers help to young people making the transition from school to working life.  If you would like your child to access support from Walkabout please contact Lewis or Kym.


If your child is interested in doing a traineeship or apprenticeship, please feel free to phone or come in and speak to Lewis or Kym in the Aboriginal Education Centre. So come in and see us.

Children's Centre Update


Term 4 is going to full of fun and excitement. The children will begin their transition visits to school in week 3, and have enjoyed role playing going to school at kindy. At kindy the children can access school uniforms to wear and they can pack a lunchbox and bag.

Exciting news! We have been able to get some silkworms for the children to observe throughout this term. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will make their cocoons before the term ends.

Our speech pathologist and occupational therapist recently organised a messy play day. The children were totally engaged in getting down and dirty. Jelly, shaving cream, clay, paint and water, ended up everywhere!

Kind regards,

Kelly Squires
Director Ocean View Children’s Centre

Clontarf Foundation

Kind regards,

Peter Rolfe
Programme Director

Rory's Catering/Canteen Menu 2022

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