2022 eNewsletter No. 02


As the midway mark for Term 3 2022 rapidly approaches, we see Semester 2 well underway with a huge range of creative and engaging learning opportunities across the site. While COVID is still having an impact upon our staff, students and families, we have managed to continue our full timetable of teaching and learning. I thank you for your continued support with regard to keeping your children and young people home when they are unwell, as this reduces the chances of a major spread.

As you would be aware, Term 3 is a particularly significant time for our senior students. Once again, I wish our senior students well as they enter the crucial home stretch for 2022. Many of our staff will be offering their ‘catch up’ services during the next holidays and I recommend utilising their support. For Year 12s, this is a very important time and they may need an extra push and some understanding from home and school to maintain their motivation and stress levels. In terms of the graduation, Larah Stieg has been negotiating with venues as to the most appropriate and COVID friendly event location. More details will be communicated very soon.

To support the positive school values culture of the school, the Primary, Middle and Senior Years cohorts recently held separate assemblies to acknowledge and celebrate students who consistently demonstrated Respect, Resilience and/or Responsibility during 2022. Students were presented with a range of awards that ultimately reflected their positive attitudes to school life and learning achievements.

It’s Mid-Term Checkpoint time again, where feedback is sent home to families regarding their children’s learning achievements and attitude. It is intended to be a quick ‘check in’ that also enhances a sense of partnership between school and home. We hope that this regular process begins many conversations both informally and at parent teacher nights.

As you would be aware  Monday 22nd August was a Student Free Day.  Other dates to note are:

  • Thursday 8th September – OVC R-12 Sports Day.  We welcome family attendance but if you are unwell or have any COVID symptoms please do not attend. Masks are recommended (but not mandatory) and social distancing is encouraged even if outdoors.
  • Friday 9th September School Closure Day  (Show day).
  • Friday 30th September last day of term (2:15pm early dismissal).


Chris Brandwood

Deputy Principal's Message - Key Information for Parents/Caregivers


Mid-term Checkpoint reports will be posted home to parents/carers on Friday of this week (26 August). This report will provide a ‘snapshot’ regarding students’ learning progress in each of their subjects.  The Mid-Term Checkpoint report features a traffic light system – Green for satisfactory progress, Amber for partial progress and Red for minimal progress.  In addition, there will be information that should highlight other factors that may be contributing to the overall academic progress of the student. The contact details for each subject teacher will be included.

As our goal is to work in partnership with parents/carers, we strongly encourage direct contact with specific subject teachers or the student’s mentor teacher.  Early intervention is vital to support student success at school. The Mid-Term Checkpoints reports will arrive in the post sometime next week (depending on the efficiency of Australia Post).  Reports will also be attached to DayMap for parents/carers access.

STUDENT FREE DAY (Monday 22 August)

Differentiated Instruction was the focus of the professional learning for teaching staff.  As a learning community, we developed a deeper and consistent understanding of differentiation and the impact on student learning outcomes, engaged in the latest research around differentiated instruction and reflected upon our current classroom practice to determine the next steps in our improvement journey.

We are very appreciative for the work and support of Rachael Craig, Curriculum Lead Flinders Park LET, who skillfully led our professional learning and thinking throughout the day.


Anne Thornton
Deputy Principal B-12

School Fees / School Card


OVC Orientation Letter

OVC Price List


Thank you to all our wonderful families who have already paid in full, applied for School card or organised payment plans.  The finance team greatly appreciated your support of the school.


The new state government recently announced that they would give families $100 towards payment of school fees for 2022.  The finance team has raised all credit notes, informed parents of the credit and started to refund families who requested the money be returned to them.  Families have the option to leave the credit notes on their accounts for future expenses at the school including semester 2 subject fees, excursions and camps or just left on the account for the 2023 fees.


The finance team recently completed the debt recovery process for 2022 Material and Services fees.  This included school fees and any other outstanding fees.  We encourage all families with outstanding debt to check that a school card form has been submitted for the 2022 school year.  Families will have received a final notice with their statement sent out recently.  If you have any further queries please contact the finance team to discuss options for meeting your financial obligations.


Please complete a new School Card Application each calendar year either at the school or online at: https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/financial-help-scholarships-and-grants/school-card-scheme.

If you have not applied for school card this year, please contact the Finance Manager to have an application lodged for the 2022 school year.


Payment plans are available for families to make regular payments for school fees, laptops and subject fees. The school can organise for a payment plan to suit your needs please contact the Finance Manager for details.

Please let us know if you are unable to meet your financial obligations and we can work on an alternative plan.


Heather Long
Finance Manager

Primary Years (Reception-6) Update

It has been a busy year so far in the Primary Years! As well as great learning going on in the classroom we have been participating in various sporting events; the 4/5/6 girls participated in the Crows Cup AFLW and had a fantastic time, the year 5/6s have been working with the Port Power Community Programme. Miss G and the year 5/6 basketball teams competed against 7 other schools at the Western Zone SAPSASA basketball carnival. All players did a fantastic job and made OVC proud! The U9s soccer team have been playing some great soccer and having fun at the same time!


On Wednesday the 24th of August, the OVC Primary Years students and staff celebrated Book Week. The theme for 2022 was Dreaming with Eyes Open, this theme is about stepping into your own story, listening to country as the first storyteller and learning from friends who help you on your way.

We began the day with an incursion, The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl. This vibrant performance included the stories of the Enormous Crocodile, The Twits, The BFG and James and the Giant Peach. Some of our talented budding actors were able to join in on the presentation and did a fantastic job in doing so.

During lessons 3 and 4, all students participated in a book week parade and shared class presentations. Everyone did an exceptional job of presenting their creative class pieces and made their teachers very proud. Several prizes were on the day to the following recipients:

  • Best Class Participation: Ms Amy’s Class 
  • Most Creative Presentation Years R-3: Ms Switala’s Class 
  • Most Creative Presentation Years 4-6: Ms Harris’ Class 
  • Best Dressed Teacher: Mr Jenkins 

Overall, the 2022 Book Week celebrations were a huge success! We wish to thank all caregivers for the effort that was put in to organising the wonderful costumes. Although the magic of reading can take you anywhere, all OVC staff agree they wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else.


This week we had an assembly where some students received awards for demonstrating our school values: respect, responsibility and resilience. Carleen M (Fiel) earned the merit award for being an exemplary role model to all of her Primary Years peers.


  • JJ W for having a go and trying really hard with his reading.
  • Zaylen H-C for settling into his new class well
  • Tiana W for bringing a smile to the ARC class
  • Andy A for his outstanding effort in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Matilda L for her outstanding effort in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Yonika W continually demonstrating school values.
  • Chloe T continually demonstrating school values.
  • Jade S continually demonstrating school values.
  • Tabea T for always having a positive outlook on her learning and trying hard to read 4 letter words.
  • Emma G for always trying her best to be a respectful student and friend to her classmates.
  • Lachlan F for continuously making good choices when rejoining the class after his lessons in The Reef room.
  • Phoenix W for being a great role model for our new student by encouraging him to put his hand up during class discussions.
  • Reign W-H for settling in so well into his new classroom and making new friends.
  • Abbigail D for showing persistence and making excellent progress in her reading. Well done!
  • Mia M-B for always being actively engaged in our Initialit sessions. Keep up the great work!
  • Isa H for always following the class rules and helping others. Great work!
  • Wayne A for working hard to improve his reading and sounding out unknown words independently.
  • Cody Mfor always persisting when faced with challenges in his learning.
  • Maddisyn P for always demonstrating a positive attitude even when she is outside of her comfort zone.
  • Renee D for building her confidence in class to participate in group discussions and showing initiative when completing her work.
  • John P for always persisting with challenging tasks and being a great role model for students in his class.

Kind regards,

Shelley Scott
Head of Primary Years (R-6)

High School - Middle Years (7-9) Update

What a fantastic first semester our Middle Years students have had. Our Middle Years has grown to close to 240 students which has meant an increase in the number of classes and opportunities available to our students. We have been incredibly proud of the resilience our new students have shown in their transition to High School. Our Year 9 students also showed excellent determination in their commitment to online learning early in the year. While Covid-19 disrupted many of the start of year events we normally run at the start of the year we still have much to celebrate and acknowledge.


In the first term our Mentoring program focused on developing a strong connection to the school and for our new students helping them to navigate the many changes that come with being at a new school. This has included induction to the many ICT Systems that are required to access the learning at OVC, our new whole school wellbeing program called Open Parachute, and some career education to get our young people setting goals and thinking about their futures.  


Despite the disruptions of COVID- 19 we have been really pleased to see that the vast majority of our students are regular attenders at school!  

  • In year 7-21% of our students have had school attendance above 90% 
  • In Year 8-19% of our students have had school attendance above 90% 
  • In Year 9-22% of our students have had school attendance above 90% 

In addition to this we have a record low number of unexplained absences across our Middle Years. This is due to the fantastic work of parents in keeping us informed when their child is going to be absent from school. Regular and timely communication has also assisted us in supporting students that are struggling to attend early on and before it becomes a bigger issue. The image below highlights the impact missing a day here or there can have on a young person’s schooling over an extended period. If you require any assistance regarding school attendance, please contact your child’s Mentor Teacher in the first instance. 


We are privileged to work with a dedicated team of teachers and support staff that work hard to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. Pleasingly academic achievement in the first semester is very positive with 75% of students passing their core curriculum. For students that are struggling to be successful with their learning we have implemented a range of interventions to assist including, literacy support through Multilit and SPARKS (reading conventions), the addition of Quicksmart Maths in Semester 2, Maths Homework Club run by our STEM Team and our Learning Club run by the Smith Family. In addition to this our Mentor Teachers also assist students to set goals and work in collaboration with students and families to monitor the progress of these goals throughout each learning cycle.  


Social emotional learning is paramount for young people’s growth and development, especially during transition points of a student’s schooling. A number of our year 7 girls have had the opportunity to take part in girls groups this semester. During girls groups, students practice the social emotional learning skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making in a fun way. As the girls take part in activities in a relaxed setting, informal conversations allow staff to hone in on said skills through redirection and reflection on lived experience. This semester has seen the girls make slime, tie dye tops for sports day in their house colours, paint pots and propagate their own plants, amongst other activities. We look forward to new students participating in and benefiting from girls group in semester 2. 


We are fortunate enough to be a part of The Smith Family’s Growing Careers Project. This partnership allows our Middle Years students to experience Careers Education early on in their schooling. By exposing our students to different careers, pathways, and opportunities early on, they have more insight and direction for when it comes to critical subject selection. This semester our Middle Years students have taken part in River Journey (where students are prompted to map their education and futures) and Flash Mentoring (where students have met with tertiary students and professionals who have shared their own education and career journeys). Student feedback has shown these sessions to be helpful, especially for our year 9 students who have just completed their subject pre-polling for year 10 in 2023.  

Kind regards,

Rachel Seager
Head of Middle School (Years 7 – 9)

High School - Senior Years (10-12) Update


This semester Year 11 Mentor Groups have spent a great deal of time working through a mental well-being program. Some of the focus areas included goal setting, problem solving, and asking for help when necessary. The openness of the students was very impressive as they shared issues and offered assistance to others. They also nominated leaders for Student Voice and worked collaboratively to address some issues at our site. The Year 11s also initiated a yard clean-up program where all Mentor Groups across the site were allocated a specific area to keep tidy. This has resulted in a much cleaner yard for our students and guests. Again, this is an outstanding result, achieved through sharing thoughts and putting an idea into action. Hopefully the holidays are enjoyed, but the Year 11s must also remember there is a lot of work to do for successful results.


This photo reflects the outcome of a wager between Skye T and Mr Groff regarding the recent Showdown between Port Power and the Adelaide Crows.  As the Crows lost, Mr Groff had to wear a Port Power guernsey for the day on Tuesday after the Pupil Free Day. Skye arrived nice and early to make sure Mr Groff had to endure the loss for the maximum of time.  The spectacle of Mr Groff in something other than an Ocean View College shirt kept many scratching their heads.  Well done to Skye for putting her pride on the line and we will see what happens in the future between our local sides.


The SATAC books, a collection of university and TAFE SA options for next year, have been delivered and given to our Year 11 & 12s to take home.  Please take the opportunity to look at these and discuss options with your child.  The information includes lists of prerequisites, assumed knowledge, what each course covers, the mode of study, whether the course can be deferred, last year’s lowest Selection Score as a guide to what this year’s may be. There is also a number to call for further information at the end of each course explanation.

Year 12 parents will soon be contacted to arrange a meeting or phone chat about the SATAC Application process (applying for tertiary Studies next year) or a check-in about post school “Next Steps”, whether that is an apprenticeship or employment that students are heading towards.

The Year 12 breakfast will be held on the Tuesday 15th November at 7:00am.  This is a special event arranged for our students, as an acknowledgement of their commitment to their studies.  This will be followed by our Farewell Assembly at school. The Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for Monday 21st November.

Year 11s have recently completed their first Stage 2 compulsory subject, Activation Identities and Futures (AIF). Our Research Project teachers took on this new subject in a SACE Board pilot. “Students will follow their own unique interests and ways of thinking to progress their understanding and learning. Instead of following the usual methods of research, students will come up with their own ways to solve a problem.” – SACE Board.

Similarly the Year 10s have also completed the new version of the Personal Learning Plan,  Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF), which investigates the skills and dispositions needed for developing self-agency and answering the question of “Who do you want to be?”

Week 3 Tuesday 9th August students lead the Senior School Assembly which was a celebration of what the senior cohort had achieved over the last 2 terms. Academic achievement and learning growth were acknowledged. Students were also awarded a Values Award for upholding our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

While we have a dozen of our senior students undertaking Vocation Education and Training  (VET) at other schools for one or two days a week, we are running the Certificate ll in Kitchen Operations in the OVC kitchens on Mondays. The students look like the real deal in their new chef uniforms and are gearing up to participate in the VETiS World Skills cooking competition in September – something like a mini Master Chef competition.

Kind regards,

Larah Stieg
Head of Senior School (Years 10 – 12)

Sports and PE Update


The annual R-12 OVC Sports Day will be held on Thursday 8th September on the main oval. This is always a great day with students getting to showcase their talents outside the classroom and compete in traditional Athletic events, as well as fun house and tabloid activities.

Families are welcome to attend but note that if you are unwell or have any COVID symptoms please do not attend. Masks are recommended (but not mandatory) and social distancing is encouraged even if outdoors.  Feel free to dress  in your team colours to show your support (Sharks – yellow, Stingrays – red, Dolphins – green).


Earlier this term, the Year 12s participated in the Push-Up Challenge to raise awareness of mental health in Australia. Their goal was to complete 3,139 push-ups over 24 days in June. Each morning, the Year 12s would start their day by completing as many push-ups as possible in one minute. As a collective, they managed to complete over 4000 push-ups!


The Stage 2 O-Ed class have been busy focusing on developing their skills and understanding of Mountain Biking. They have connected in and with the environment at at Cobbler Creek, Fox Creek and Melrose. Students need to demonstrate planning, leadership and collaboration skills throughout the unit, as well as recreational ecological impacts on the environment.

The unit included a 3 day/2 night camp to Melrose, sessions with Tyson from Head for the Hills and guest presenters from trail design companies and Forestry SA.


Well done to all three weekly sport teams making the Grand Final of the Western Zone Weekly Sport Competition. The Year 7-9 Girls Basketball won the competition with a 33-8 win against Mt Carmel, 7-9 Boys AFL also having a strong win against Henley 13-6 to 7-3, and the 10-12 Senior Netball unfortunately losing their final 28-12 against LeFevre.

Term 3 weekly sport will see OVC have teams for Year 7-9 Boys Basketball and year 7-9 Girls Netball.


Well done to the Year 7/8 Boys Basketball who made it through to the finals of the State-wide Knockout competition. They boys were competitive in all games, finishing the day with 2 wins, 3 losses and a draw. They will continue their Basketball in the weekly sport competition in term 3.

The Open Girls Netball team have also progressed to Round 2, with their next fixture to be played on Wednesday 10th August against Mary Mackillop and Unley High.


OVC has commenced its Basketball Academy for 2022. Sessions are held from 3:30-4:30pm at LeFevre Recreation Centre and led by Peter Todd (Centre Manager). We are hoping to evolve the program with students having the opportunity to represent the school at local basketball competitions, as well intra-state exchanges. Students will also have the opportunity to hear from high performing athletes and partake in high level skill sessions.


Well done to the year 9/10 boys who represented the school in the Western Zone 5-a-side soccer carnival on Wednesday 6th July. The boys finished 2nd with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Thanks to Mr Groff, Emmanuel and Izaak for coaching the team.


Well done to the Year 5/6 students who represented the school at the State SAPSASA Basketball Championships in week 3 of term 3. The boys were competitive through all games, finishing with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, while the girls worked tirelessly throughout the carnival and showed some excellent development during the day.

YEAR 8-10 3 on 3 BASKETBALL (T3 W3)

Ocean View had a strong presence at the Western Zone 3v3 Basketball carnival in week 3. Both girls teams put in some fantastic performances and finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively. They boys teams also displayed some excellent skills throughout the day and finished in 4th, 6th and 8th.


The Year 12 Integrated Learning class have been busy planning, organising and leading the OVC House Games. The Middle School games are held on a Wednesday lunchtime and the Senior School on Thursday. Games have included Dodgeball, Volleyball and Basketball. There is one week remaining and the winning houses will be announced on Sports Day – with all points going towards the overall Sports Day shield.


Sporting events in term 3 will include;

  • Year 7-9 Badminton (week 5)
  • R-12 Sports Day (week 7)
  • 9-a-side AFL (week 10)
  • Peninsula Cup 30th Sep (last day of term 3)

Kind regards,

Bradlee Wilkinson
HPE & Sports Coordinator 

Inclusive Education


Well done to all year 7-12 students who participated in the students with disability basketball carnival. The team performed well, winning 4 games and drawing one. Throughout the day the team displayed our school values and showed everyone the fighting OVC spirit. Thanks to all staff and students who were involved throughout the day.


Group activities included Space Jump, small script performances with limited preparation time, and performing a scene with just an image.

In week 5, students then competed against one another in a range of Theatre Sports games with 100% attendance and involvement. The event was a hit and especially because it was also their first time EVER performing to a large peer audience. The students were so thrilled and proud of themselves. The audience and staff members were blown away!

We are now focusing on our performance for the School Arts Evening. What a happy and proud moment it was for all. Our cheeks and stomachs hurt from all of the laughter. A huge thank you and well done to the Middle and Senior Inclusive Education Students!!


In Term 1 and 2, the Inclusive Education Middle and Senior School classes have been undertaking volunteer community work at the Ocean View College Children’s Centre. In collaboration with the Pre-School Director Kelly Squire, our students have been tidying their garden, sweeping, weeding, maintaining the cubby house, clearing and preparing mulch for the garden beds, and planting succulents. Our students have also grown spinach, spring onion and kale from seeds and will establish a vegetable patch for the Pre-School students and our students to use for cooking.

In class, our students have been learning principal work skills and transferring this knowledge through their volunteer work. They have so far focused on accessing the community safely, workplace safety, team work, responsibility, showing initiative, honesty, respect, being a good role-model and leadership.

The students are looking forward to sharing with their families the succulents and vegetables as they grow, and cooking new recipes to taste.

Kind regards,

Emma Ramke
Assistant Principal – Inclusion R-12

Nunga Update

NIINA MARNI  (“Are you good?”)

Reconciliation Week

After a few quiet years due to COVID, Reconciliation Week 2022 was back. This year’s theme was: Be Brave! Make Change! Our passionate teachers structured lessons that incorporated Aboriginal perspectives. PE teachers taught Aboriginal games while the Home Ek teachers cooked meals incorporating native ingredients.  Uncle Eddie Peters taught students songs that incorporated Torres Strait perspectives, and Uncle Michael O’Brien performed a Welcome to Country at the Junior School assembly. The week culminated with a feed of doughnuts representing the Aboriginal flag.

FREE Dental at your child's school

The “My school dentist” program provides onsite mobile dental treatment & education for your child.

This is a FREE dental check that will be at OVC on Tuesday 13th September 2022. Consent forms must be back by Tuesday 6th September 2022. If you would like more information please contact 82481244.

FREE Dental at your child’s school

Children's Centre Update

The children have begun Term 3 full of energy and ready to continue exploring their environment. There has been lots of snails and worms, which have provided opportunities for the children to get their hands dirty as they dig and unearth creatures buried under leaves and in the soil. There has been lots of conversations around the importance of returning creatures to their home, where they feel safe and secure.

We had an exciting discovery in our veggie patch recently. Each year, sweet potatoes come up in our garden. When we digging around, we noticed something popping out of the ground. When we pulled it up, it was a very BIG and strange looking potato. We presented it to the children and discussed what it could be. Some guesses were; a rock, a pumpkin, giant onion and a potato. We are planning on cutting it open to see what it’s like inside. We will compare it to a ‘normal’ sweet potato!

We have been very excited to go over to the school library each Wednesday fortnight.
Ms Annie reads us a story and the children are able to borrow a book to take home and share with their family.

We are now beginning the enrolment process for 2023. If you have children aged from 6 months to 4 years, please pop in for a visit or give us a call (82483670), to find out about our amazing playgroup, occasional care and preschool programs. If you have any friends with young children, please let them know too, or direct them to our Facebook page.


Clontarf Foundation

Its been a busy start to the Term for the Clontarf Academy here at Ocean View College, with camps, morning trainings and afternoon activities in full swing right from the start of the semester.

The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, and by doing so, equips them to participate more meaningfully in society.

Already in Term 3 we have had our Year 10, 11 and 12 academy members take part in our SA Regional Employment Forum, focusing on both part time and post school employment pathways. Employment plays a major role in our programme here at Ocean View Clontarf, and the Annual Employment Forum gives our young men an opportunity to talk to our fantastic partners about the many roles and pathways available to them if they complete their schooling. This year, the young men participated in ‘mock’ employment interviews to practise their interpersonal and communication skills, work site visits to a few of our partners and their sites including Flinders Port Holdings, the Australian Defence Force, AGIG and Fulton Hogan, and a ‘speed dating’ type forum where each student spent time talking and learning about 8 different partners and their various roles and responsibilities. We also had time for some fun with Go-Karting, Laser Skirmish and an Indoor Cricket and Soccer Session. A huge thank you to the following partners who participated in the busy four days:  SA Water, Oz Minerals, Fulton Hogan, BMD, Flinders Port Holdings, Suez, Bunnings, Blackwoods, Kmart, Woolworths, Coates Hire, AGIG, Office Works, ADF, BHP and Peak Irons.

Upcoming camps for Term 3 include the Year 9/10 Port Augusta Basketball Carnival in Week 5, and the Year 7/8 Woodhouse Adventure Camp in Week 7.

Morning trainings and afternoon activities have also made a triumphant return this term, with OVC hosting SA Water and Suez to a morning training session in Week 3. We look forward to hosting Oz Minerals in Week 5, and Bunnings in Week 9. Morning trainings are a great part of our programme, with the early starts creating positive habits for our academy members, further preparing them for life after school.  Starting at 7am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the Clontarf bus is picking up our young men from 5:30am for an hour of fun and inclusive games and sports, followed by showers and a hot breakfast. If you would like to come along, please get in contact with the school. Afternoon activities so far have included 10 pin bowling, attending the Yipti Yartapuultiku Naming Ceremony for Port Adelaide’s Aboriginal Cultural Centre, and a job site visit to Coates Hire in Albert Park.

Upcoming Clontarf Events for Term 3 include health checks with Watto Purrunna Health Service, a visit from Headspace Port Adelaide, Big Day Out excursion days for our senior and junior academy members, and involvement in the PAE Council naming event for the Kaurna Laneway.

Our young men are able to participate in these fantastic activities by committing to their education, maintaining high school standards, and achieving more than 80% attendance throughout the school year. A big congratulations to the young men involved in Clontarf at Ocean View College, who currently have an average attendance across the 32 enrolments of 82%.

If you would like some more information regarding the Clontarf Programme here at Ocean View College, please get in contact with Peter Rolfe or Kelvin Maher, by calling the Ocean View College front office on (08) 8248 1422.

Kind regards,

Peter Rolfe
Programme Director

Rory's Catering/Canteen Menu 2022

Community Notices & School Holiday Activities



Port Adelaide Athletics Club is a community based club that offers a range of athletics opportunities for school aged students and adults. We offer an award winning Aboriginal Athletics Squad, that is free and provides some excellent role models for the Aboriginal youth of the area.

2022 Aboriginal Squad Flyer


Western Little Athletics Club are holding a FREE Come and Try Little Athletics on Friday 16th September at 6pm.

This invitation is open for all children between the ages of 3 and 16 years of age.

Children will learn the fundamental skills of Run, Jump and Throw. With this year being the Commonwealth Games year off the back of last years Tokyo Olympics, we hope there are many inspired potential little athletes who would like to give Athletics a go!

Westerns LAC_Come and Try Flyer 2022-23


Royal Life Saving SA’s Holiday Swim Program is running again in the December 2022/ January 2023 Summer Holidays! Enrolments are opening on the 22nd of August 2022.

We have many locations around South Australia and are wanting to get the word out there to the local communities.

Sacrament Preparation for Catholic Children

The Lefevre Catholic Community 2022/23 Sacrament preparation programme for children over 8 years of age will commence in October.

Interested parents are invited to contact Sr Marie Egan on 0409 078 683 or email  familyfaith@catholicparishes.com.au


Book a Principal’s Tour

Tours run fortnightly on a Wednesday at 9.30am. Bookings Essential.

Book a Tour