2021 eNewsletter No. 07

Principal’s Message

As usual, it’s been a busy start to term 4 across the school. As we prepare for the transition sessions for our new 2022 reception children, we also prepare to say goodbye and good luck to our year 12 students. It is of course the last few weeks for our senior students, who are working with the support of our wonderful teachers and SSOs to complete all of their final tasks. I would like to acknowledge the teachers who dedicated significant time to support students during the holidays, as this commitment ensures that they are on the path to graduate.

In week 8, our new 2022 Year 7 and Year 8 students will be attending transition visits at OVC. We have strong numbers of students in both cohorts who are coming to us from a range of primary schools. The new Year 7 classrooms are ready to go and we will ensure a ‘gun’ team of teachers for this important DfE system change.

Our new Tutuyarlu Performing Arts Centre is about to be handed over from Blubuilt to OVC and we hope that we will begin using this amazing space later this term for a range of performances and celebrations.

In week 10 of last term, the school participated in the scheduled three year External School Review. This involved a panel of three principals exploring all aspects of school life, teaching and learning and generally the quality of our ongoing self-review and improvement practices. The panel interviewed groups of leaders, teachers, SSOs, students and parents and I’m pleased to announce that the final report was extremely positive. Some of the acknowledgements included the quality of leadership, teaching and learning programs, documentation, the inclusivity and care of all students and the high level use of data to track the learning growth of students. You can read the report on our website at Policies and Documents.

Please keep up to date with school events by visiting our School Events Calendar.


Chris Brandwood

School Fees / School Card

School Fees / School Card

School Card Applications will close on 19th November 2021. If you have not applied for school card this year, please contact Heather Long, Finance Manager to have an application lodged for the 2021 school year. Please complete a new School Card Application each calendar year.

Final Notices 

Final Notices were posted out during the last week of the school holidays. Please don’t ignore this information. Contact Heather Long, Finance Manager to organise either a payment plan, school card application or to pay in full to avoid being sent to the debt collection agency.

2022 Material & Services Fees for 2022

At the Governing Council Meeting held Monday 25/10/2021 the proposed fees for 2022 were accepted and are listed below:

· Primary – Reception to Year 6 $340

· Secondary – Year 7 to Year 12 $440

The charge has not been increased for the past three years due to the pandemic and its’ effects on our community


Ocean View College will be polling families to ask for the full fee to be recovered in the debt recovery process. This is very important when it comes to recouping fees that have not been paid to cover the family contribution to our school. Please use the reply paid envelope to return your poll to the school by 29th November, 2021.

ABSTUDY – Parents of eligible Aboriginal secondary students up to the age of 16 years old must apply for ABSTUDY AND SCHOOL CARD each year. Abstudy should be applied for at Centrelink and School Card at the school.

Please click on the button below to find out how to make payments and apply for School Card for low income earners and Abstudy.

School Fees

Payment plans can be negotiated with our Finance Manager, Heather Long.  Please ring the school on 8248 1422 or come see our friendly finance staff who are only too happy to help you with your school financial commitments.

Children's Centre Update

TERRIFIC start to Term 4 at the CHILDREN’S CENTRE
Tinkering Table

The children have been exploring a variety of ‘machines’ and discovering how they are put together and how they might work. The highlight has been a record player and the children have been very interested in how it spins around. We are in the process of finding one that works, so the children can hear the distinct sound of a record playing.

Community Helpers

Last week we invited the Port Adelaide Police Team to visit us. There was lots of excitement as the police car drove in and 3 Officers hopped out. The children had lots of questions including; ‘how do you become a policer officer and do you eat donuts’? We were able to have a look at the police car and hear the emergency siren. One of the teacher’s even managed to get hand cuffed!

Kind regards,

Kelly Squire
Children’s Centre Director

Primary Years Update

Breakfast Club

I am pleased to announce that the breakfast club will be open Monday through to Thursday for the remainder of the term. If students arrive between 8:10 – 8:40 they are welcome to a free breakfast.

Colour Run

In week 4 (Friday) we have the annual colour run event being held on senior school oval. Students are encouraged to fundraise. Money raised supports a charity organisation and partial funding on new health and physical education equipment.


Wednesday evening in week 7 our year 6 students will be attending a graduation assembly. Class teachers of the students involved will be sending home all the relevant information.

2022 Receptions

Tuesday afternoon in week 7 we will be welcoming the new parents of students starting in 2022 with a free BBQ and mingling opportunity (with our teachers). Relevant information has been forwarded to all parties and we look forward to welcoming the new students and parents into our school community.

Pupil Free Day

A reminder that Monday of week 8 is a pupil free day. Our OSHC will be open and you’re more than welcome to book your child in for the day.

Christmas Assembly

The end of year Christmas assembly will be held in Wednesday of week 9. It is unclear whether parents will be permitted to attend. This will largely depend on the current climate and Covid restrictions. As we near closer to the event I will notify everyone what the outcome is.

Aquatics Centre

Students can also look for to our annual aquatics’ day at the Aquatics centre. This event is being held Thursday of Week 9 and notes will be going home in the next few weeks.

Term 4 is always very busy and I know I can speak for everyone when I say we want to finish the year strong and maximise student potential for the remainder of the year.

School Banking

School Banking day is changing.

Our School Banking day will be changing to Thursday as of 4th November.

Please ensure that Dollarmites deposit wallets are now brought into school on THURSDAY mornings. Any wallets received on any other day will be sent home with a reminder note that the School Banking day has changed to Thursday. Please note that this is due to the privacy and security of your child’s banking information.

Kind regards,

Mark Van Hees
Acting Head of Primary Years (R-6)

High School - Middle Years Update

It has been wonderful seeing our Middle School students settle back into school after the school holidays. Term 4 is an exciting time of the year where our students will complete another year of study and progress into the next phase of their schooling journey.

Over the course of Term 4 we have many opportunities available to enrich the learning experiences of our current Middle Years Students and will spend time this term welcoming many new students to Ocean View College in preparation for the 2022 school year. This includes;

  • The Inaugural Peninsula Cup in Week 2
  • Aboriginal Girls Academy throughout the term
  • The Colour Run in Week 4
  • Science Alive in Week 6
  • Year 9 Roundtables in Week 8
  • Growing Careers Week in Week 9

As we progress toward the end of the year it is important that our young people remain connected to school and their studies. Our teachers and I are here to help you and your young people to be successful and work in partnership with you and your young person to achieve their personal best. Please contact us if there is anything your young person needs to be successful over the short time we have left this year.

As always, if there is anything I can do to support you or your child please feel free to get in touch by phoning the school or by sending me an email, Rachel.seager380@schools.sa.edu.au

Kind regards,

Rachel Seager
Head of Middle School (Years 7 – 9)

High School - Senior Years Update

Year 12s are gearing up for the end of their school year, handing in their final assignments and preparing for exams. Parents and caregivers who have been invited to the graduation should register using the QR code in the messages sent home. The Graduation day starts with a breakfast before students attend a school assembly.

Year 11s also have their subjects to finish but are around a bit longer than the year 12s. The year 11s will also sit two practice exams in maths and English, before they attend their transition days and receive their timetables for next year.

Senior school students attended a TafeSA presentation which was very informative and made clear that there was something for everyone, as they support many career pathways.

Addison Ellis took his Tradie Ed class to Regency Tafe and to PEER to gain some insight on trades, while Narelle Ek took students to look at various occupations in the Port Adelaide Council. This made for some great photos as well as a fun trip exploring different occupations.

Kind regards,

Larah Stieg
Head of Senior School (Years 10 – 12)

Sports Update

Sports update:
Peninsula Shield

The annual Peninsula Shield carnival Vs LeFevre High was held on Tuesday 19th October. It was a jam-packed day of sport with 6 events in total and over 40 OVC students competing. All students displayed great sportsmanship and behaviour throughout the day, with OVC just going down by 2 games to 4.

Game 1 – Senior Mixed Netball OVC defeated LeFevre (MVP – Callum P)

Game 2 – Junior Netball OVC lost to LeFevre (MVP – Scarlett R)

Game 3 – Senior Basketball OVC lost to LeFevre (MVP – Sam H)

Game 4 – Girls AFL OVC defeated LeFevre (MVP – Monica)

Game 5 – Boys 5-a-side OVC lost to LeFevre (MVP – Deng)

Game 6 – Boys AFL OVC lost to LeFevre (MVP – MJ)

Colour Explosion Fun Run

The Colour Explosion fun run is being held on Friday 5th November from 2:30-3pm. Sponsorship books and notes were sent home in week 1. This year we are raising funds for Wellbeing and PE programs at OVC, in particular the Sebastian Foundation, in conjunction with the Great Ocean Road Relay and Open Parachute.

Check the link below for more details. Any questions regarding the Colour Explosion can be directed to Mr Wilkinson or the sub-school Wellbeing Leaders. https://thesebastianfoundation.org/get-involved/clint-matts-great-ocean-road-relay/

PE Week

Week 5 is National PE Week and OVC continues to lead the way in promoting the importance of physical activity and trying new things.

Please see the National PE week poster for some of the activities running during week 5.



Free Come N Try Yoga sessions will be available in the gym on a Friday lunchtime from weeks 5-7. Yoga is a great way to improve your strength, balance and flexibility, as well as reduce stress and anxiety, and foster mental calmness.

Lawn Bowls

Year 10 PE and Year 9 Sport & Recreation classes are participating in Lawn Bowls sessions at the Semaphore Lawn Bowls Club. The 10 PE class will be integrating the unit with Improvement Analysis and Biomechanical principles, while the Year 9 Sport & Rec class are looking at community connections and using local facilities to promote lifelong physical activity. A big thankyou to the Semaphore Lawn Bowls who have kindly volunteered to assist the students whilst at the club.

Upcoming events

Colour Explosion Fun Run – Friday week 4 (Nov 5th) – 2:30-3pm

Year 8/9 Sport & Recreation Adelaide Oval excursion – Friday week 4 (Nov 5th)

Come N Try Rugby Union – Monday week 5 (Nov 8th)

Year 4-7 Basketball carnival – Wednesday week 5 (Nov 10th)

Year 5-8 Tennis sessions – Thursday week 5-7

Year 8-10 Basketball carnival – Wednesday week 6 (Nov 17th)

Year 9 O-Ed camp – Week 3 at Corny Point (Aquatics)

Year 10 O-Ed camp – Week 4 at Victor Harbor (Surfing)

Kind regards,

Bradlee Wilkinson
HPE & Sport coordinator 



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