Students with Disability

Special Education

Ocean View College has an Area Resource class for children from Years 3-7, and as of 2022 the school will will open a secondary special class.

Individual Needs

Students with verified disabilities & learning difficulties are supported to achieve their potential and explore viable post school pathways. Identified students participate in a range of programs including:

  • Numeracy (Quicksmart)
  • Literacy (Mini-Lit, Multi-Lit & Phonics
  • Introception (self-regulation)
  • Integrated Studies Program
  • Special Area Primary Class
  • Senior Students are supported by SSO’s & Study Managers in the Senior Centre and Harbor View Campus.

Students are referred on a needs basis to DfE support services for assessment for disability verification and to inform differented teaching practice based on needs. A team of committed and professional School Services Officers facilitate intervention programs and 1:1 support based on student needs.

Integrated support programme (ISP)

OVC established the Integrated Support Programme in 2018 to meet the needs of students with a disability, who may need extra withdrawal support, but engage with several of mainstream timetabled subjects. For example, students may be attempting SACE compulsory subjects as per the timetable, while also attending a support line with the ISP. This assists students to complete the required tasks by accessing focussed small group support, facilitated by one of our special education teachers and/or SSO staff.

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