School Fees

Invoices for Materials and Services Charge (also referred to as school fees or M&S Charge) will be posted early January 2024. You may pay with cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), QKR, Instalment/ Direct Debit or Centrepay. Office hours for payments will be Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th January between 9 am and 3:30 pm. If you are unable to attend on these days, you may call us with your credit card details or pay online via the OVC website.


Section 106A of the Education Act gives approval for the Ocean View R-12 College Materials & Services Charge as determined by the Governing Council for the forthcoming academic year for R-12 as below, for amounts to be legally recoverable for 2024.

2024 MATERIALS & SERVICES CHARGE (all charges are GST Free)

Years R - 6$350.00 ($287.00 compulsory payment plus $63.00 voluntary contribution)
Years 7 - 10$490.00
Years 11 - 12$490.00

EXTRA CHARGES – costs for excursions, camps and larger school projects, ie Design & Technology projects, VET Charge, Musical Instrument Hire etc have not been included in the 2024 Materials & Services Charge. Semester 1 Subject Charge for Outdoor Ed will be invoiced in January. Please note Semester 2 Outdoor Ed Subject Fee will be invoiced in July 2024. (PLEASE NOTE: The school must receive payment for subject charge before students can use these services or take part in these co-curricular activities.)

Payment Options

INSTALMENT PLANS – The Department for Education (DfE) direct debit by instalment facility will enable parents to complete an agreement with their schools to deduct from the parent’s nominated bank or credit/debit card, an agreed amount either each week, fortnight or month until the full debt is paid.

CENTREPAY – If you are in receipt of any Centrelink payments ie Family Tax Benefit, Parenting Payment, Disability Support, you can choose to have money regularly deducted from Centrelink payments to pay for Materials & Services Charges, subject fees, or extra curriculum activities.  Application forms are available from the school front office or contact Centrelink for more information on 13 2490 or

SCHOOL CARD – 2024 School Card Grant for Year R-6 Students will be $287.00 and for Years 7-12 will be $379.00.  Eligibility is assessed on taxable income for the 2022/2023 Financial Year.  A copy of your concession card is required.  Forms are available at the Main Office or apply online at
(PLEASE NOTE: you are required to lodge a new school card application each year. If you are eligible for School Card in 2024, any payment of the Materials and Services Charge Gap is Voluntary.)

ABSTUDY – Parents of eligible Aboriginal secondary students up to the age of 16 years old must apply for ABSTUDY AND SCHOOL CARD each year. Abstudy should be applied for at Centrelink and School Card at the school.

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