Important Information

School Photo Day

Years R-12 student photos will be taken on Wednesday 21st February, 2024. Family photos will be taken on the morning of 21st February. Catch up photo day will be held on the morning of 26th February.  Payments will be made online directly to the photographer. Envelopes will be sent out for cash payments.  Further information will be sent in Week 1 when school returns.


Year R – 6 students receive their stationery supplies via their class teachers on the first day of the return to school year in 2024.

Year 7 – 12 students to bring their laptop fully charged to school each day.


Your child will start the year with the following printing allocations:

  • Years R – 6: $2.50 (GST Free);
  • Years 7 – 9: $10.00 (GST Free);
  • Years 10 – 12: $20.00 (GST Free);.

When this allocation is exhausted, students will be required to purchase more from the ICT Office, bring Student ID Card.

ID Cards

Years 7 -12 students will be provided with a free initial ID card. Replacement cards will cost students $11.00 (GST inc). School photos for Year 7-12 will be taken on Wednesday 21st February, 2024. These photos will be used for ID cards as well as being available for purchase.


Library and text issued books to students, remain the property of the school and must be returned in good order and condition at the end of the borrowing period.  If books (library and text) are not returned by the end of a school year, student/s will be invoiced and expect to pay the cost of replacement.  If any book suffers accidental damage, please return it to the library for repair or replacement.  All books must be returned at the end of the year.


Year 7 – 11 students will be issued with a locker key or combination lock at the beginning of the year – should your child lose their key or lock, they are required to purchase a replacement key/lock – $14.00 (GST inc).  Year 12 student lockers are in the Senior Centre and students are required to provide their own padlock.

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2024 Principal tour information to be advised.

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