9 Food & Nutrition- Elective 1 Semester

“What’s right for me?” provides a positive outlook to Health and Well Being. In this Food and Health unit, students will further develop their understanding of Physical, Social, Emotional and Intellectual changes associated with adolescence. They will examine effective self-management, decision making strategies, dietary requirements, and impact of healthy food choices through practical and Inquiry based learning as they further develop their food preparation skills.

  • Nutritional needs of Adolescents
  • Positive attitude to health and well being
  • Understanding nutritional information, comparisons of products
  • Healthier and safer community life
  • Creating healthier foods to promote health and well being

Practical activities and reflection 50%
Written and folio tasks 50%
Associated costs: A semester fee of $65.00 (GST free) will partially cover food and material costs.