9 Food & Technology - Elective 1 semester

Combining strands from Health and Physical Education, and Design and Technology, this subject is a combined Food and Textiles unit comprising Food studies as well fabrics, textile design and construction through practical learning experiences. Students will use Design Cycle as a vehicle to Inquiry based learning. Assessment is based around Inquiring and analysing information, developing ideas, creating solutions and evaluating student’s products and performance.

  • Develop safe work practices and share resources effectively while thinking creatively about problem solving
  • Explore multi-cultural influences on food choices
  • Global issues relating to food and health
  • Introduction to Fibres and fabrics, use of the sewing machine
  • Explore design process and basic construction skills to create enterprising solutions and products
  • Explore technological advances in Textiles

Practical activity and reflection 50%
Planning and research tasks 50%