9 Drama


Entry Recommendations: Satisfactory completion of Year 8 Drama.

The Year 9 Drama course aims to develop and build on the basic performance skills introduced to students in Year 8 Drama, exposing students to the ‘Theatre’; Creating, Building and Performing.
Students will look at the Publicity and Design elements utalised in contemporary theatre settings; the skills they learn in this section will be utilised in their self devised Group Presentation in second term. The semester also includes an introduction to the History of Theatre and the Performing Arts; beginning with early Indigenous Performance, though Greek Theatre, Medieval Theatre, Commedia Dell'arte and Melodrama. Students will reflect on their learning in an Actor’s Journal and articulated in a Production Report, detailing their production journey. On occasions, students will be required to attend lunchtime rehearsals and will be expected to attend at least one live theatre performances during the Semester (a single theatre visit is covered by the course fee).

$25 Course Fee