9 Intro to Outdoor Recreation

We must take Adventures to truly know where we belong

YYour first opportunity to explore Outdoor Education in isolation. This course delves into numerous outdoor pursuits allowing for you to experience the true essence of adventure. Throughout the semester you will venture into the outdoors and participate in practical activities, like kayaking, rock climbing and orienteering. A culminating expedition of 3 days/2 nights will take place at Port Vincent where you will combine the skills taught in practical endeavors.

Practical Units Include: Group/team building games, kayaking, orienteering, rock climbing and bushwalking.

Camp Experience: 3 Day/2 night - Port Vincent includes 2 half day aquatics sessions at Port Vincent Aquatics Centre, 1 Full Day Bushwalking within Innes National Park.

Theory Units: Individual Artefact (journal), Investigative Task, Group Dynamics, Leave no trace camping principles.

Course Fee: $190