Mathematics (Year 9) (IBMYP)     Full Year

Compulsory Subject

Mathematics aims to provide students with an appreciation of the usefulness, power and beauty of the subject. One aspect of this is the awareness that Mathematics is a universal language with diverse applications. ACARA promotes an understanding of how cultural, societal and historical influences from a variety of cultures have shaped mathematical thought. All students should own their own Scientific calculator – information regarding purchasing an appropriate Scientific calculator can be obtained from the STEM Coordinator. The study of Mathematics includes five branches of Mathematics with content as part of the Australian Curriculum: Number, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability and Discrete Mathematics.

  • Graphing and Equations
  • Frequencies and Probabilities
  • Calculation and problem solving relating to prisms and triangles
  • Numerical fluency in applying index laws and scientific notation
  • Cartesian Geometry
  • Data Collection and analysis