8 Health & Physical Education - 1 Semester

“Challenge yourself to go higher then ever before!”


This course is an excellent opportunity to combine studies of both Physical Education and Outdoor Education. The course presents opportunities for numerous outdoor pursuits and adventure activities. Throughout the semester students will participate in outdoor activities such as Bushwalking, Rock Climbing, Sailing and High Ropes. Students will also connect with Physical Education topics such as Team Building, Indigenous Games and setting Personal Goals. Lastly students will be able to participate in a culminating camp to West Beach involving Mega Adventure, Water Sports and Hiking. During this camp students will learn essentials for camping such as cooking and tent management..

Practical units include: : Group team building games, Rock Climbing, Aquatics, Sailing, Orienteering, Indigenous games

Camp Experience 2 day / 1 night experience at West Beach with practical sessions at Mega Adventure, West Lakes Aquatic Centre.

Theory Units: My Profile, What is Outdoor Education, Individual Artifact (Journal), Fitness & Lifestyles, Camp planning and reflection.

Health topics will allow students to; communicate and interact for health and well-being, contribute to healthy and active communities, and be healthy, safe and active.

Course Fee: $190