7 Introduction to Design and Technology

The students will be given an introduction to learning in the Design and Technology workshop environment. 

Term 1 
A general introduction to safety requirements with respect to Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs), basic marking out, drawing, cutting, shaping of sheet metal and flat mild steel sections with a focus on hand tools, will be incorporated into tasks.  Students will be introduced to basic metal joining techniques including spot welding and riveting. 
Students will investigate the materials we use in the course.  They will be encouraged to think about sustainability and be creative with the tasks. 
The students will make two projects; one using sheet metal and the other using mild steel bar.  They will create their product using the Design Cycle, including selecting appropriate tools to mark out their designs and deciding how they will shape their projects. 

Term 2 
An introduction to workshop safety, measuring, marking, cutting and shaping of wood - with a focus on hand tools and their use, forms the basis of this course. The students may also be instructed in the Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) for a selection of basic woodworking machines if time permits. Wood joining systems, including rebated butt joints, through housing joints, gluing and clamping, will be learnt and used. 
The students will investigate selected materials and the reasons why we use them in the course. 
The students will develop their skills by completing a series of small practical tasks.  They will use the skills learned and practised to produce a product that will allow for individual creative input.