Stage 2 Design

In Design students will express their development of ideas, research, analysis, exploration, experimentation with media and technique, through the resolution and production of two practical self-developed Design works.  The Design Process will be followed reflecting: visual thinking, investigation, the ability to synthesise concepts, apply them, reflect on their own learning, refine technical skills and produce imaginative solutions.

Visual Study
A Visual Study is an exploration of, or experimentation with, one or more styles, ideas, concepts, methods, techniques, or technologies based on research and analysis of Visual Design practitioners from contemporary or historical/cultural contexts.  Students are to create 20 A3 examples of their visual explorations and theoretical background and analysis through annotated comments that link Art movements or cultural contexts.  This is the theory component of the course and is assessed externally by an appointed SACE assessor who will make the final decision about the quality of the Visual Study with reference to the South Australian performance standards.

Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

School-based Assessment


Assessment Type 1:Folio


Assessment Type 2: Practical


External Assessment


Assessment Type 3:Visual Study