12 Tech Support Internship (TSI)

Entry Recommendations

Satisfactory completion of year 10 Digital Media, Stage 1 TSI or high level motivation to learn digital and information technologies in an autonomous working environment.


This is a business structure established in conjunction with the college IT department to learn and support members of the college community with the use and integration of technology in teaching and learning. TSI team members will hold extra technical responsibility within the college and will work on individual and group projects throughout the year. The clients of this business will include, but is not limited to OVC staff and students including children’s centre, temporary teachers, site visitors, local schools where level technical support may be required.

Examples of tasks/topics

  • Supporting teachers in using technology in the classroom
  • Technical repairs and investigations
  • Group presentation of learning and investigations
  • Business-like responsibilities and behaviours towards personnel and infrastructure
  • Written job reports documenting tasks and outcomes for data collection and analysis
  • Self-selected investigation in an area of your own interests and presentation of information

Associated Costs

Students must present a signed Commitment to Pay form before beginning the making process. Full payment must be made two weeks after presenting the form.