12 Specialist Maths

Specialist Mathematics enables students to experience and understand mathematics as a growing body of knowledge for creative use in application to an external environment — a view of mathematics that students are likely to find relevant to their world. This subject deals with phenomena from the students’ common experiences, as well as from scientific, professional, and social contexts. Students can gain from Specialist Mathematics the insight, understanding, knowledge, and skills to follow pathways that will lead them to become designers and makers of technology. The subject provides pathways into university courses in mathematical sciences, engineering, computer science, physical sciences, and surveying. Students envisaging careers in other related fields, including economics and commerce, may also benefit from studying this subject.

Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics is a 20-credit subject that consists of the following five topics:

  • Topic 1: Trigonometric Preliminaries
  • Topic 2: Polynomials and Complex Numbers
  • Topic 3: Vectors and Geometry
  • Topic 4: Calculus
  • Topic 5: Differential Equations