12 Physical Education Stage 2 (TAS - 20 Credits Full year)

Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong

Students gain an understanding of human functioning and physical activity, and an awareness of the community structures and practices that influence participation in physical activity. They explore their own physical capacities and analyse performance, health, and lifestyle issues. Students develop skills in communication, investigation, and the ability to apply knowledge to practical situations.

Entry Recommendations: Satisfactory completion of Stage 1 Physical Education


  • Exercise Physiology and Physical Activity
  • The Acquisition of skills and Biomechanics of Movement
  • Sport Psychology

Practical (choice of 3 sports)

  • Sports will be negotiated depending on student numbers, facilities and teacher expertise.
  • Badminton, Lawn Bowls, Aquatics, Netball or Volleyball


  • Practical 50%
  • Folio (theory work) - 20%
  • Exam 30% (external assessment)