Stage 2 Outdoor Education 20 Credits 2 Semesters

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Outdoor Education is the study of the human connection to natural environments through outdoor activities. Students develop their sense of self-reliance and build relationships with people and natural environments. Outdoor Education focuses on the development of awareness of environmental issues through observation and evaluation. The study of Outdoor Education also gives students opportunities to achieve good health and develop personal skills. Students reflect critically on environmental practices and are introduced to employment options in the outdoor and environmental fields. Students may be required to attend camps over weekend or holiday periods.


Assessment Type 1 Folio Tasks 20%

Assessment Type 2 Group Practical (Surfing/Bushwalking) 20%

Assessment Type 3 Individual Practical (optional) 30%

Assessment Type 4 Major Investigation (Externally assessed) 30%

Associated costs:  The costs of camps and excursions are $480.00 (GST free) (not including food)