Modern History (Stage 2 TAS)   Credits - 20 TAS  2 Semester

Entry Recommendations:

Satisfactory completion of Stage 1 English (Standard)

The study of History gives students the opportunity to make sense of a complex and rapidly changing world by connecting the past with the present. Through the study of past events, people, actions, and societies, students gain insight into human nature and social constructs. Students will focus on two main areas of study from 1500 AD
Previously these areas have included societies during war, countries experiencing revolution, and individuals coming to power. Students will also focus on a number of historical sources to improve their skills of critical analysis. Ultimately, a study of history will prepare students for a 21st Century workplace that demands skills in the areas of communication, individual thinking, and critical analysis.


AThe Folio (50%) will include written responses, oral responses, ICT displays, group studies, and tests. A wide variety of tasks will ensure that every student is given an opportunity to excel. An individual essay (20%) on a topic of the student’s choice completes the school assessment. Finally, the remaining 30% of the grade will be determined by an external examination run by SACE.


School‐based Assessment Weighting (70%)

  • Folio (varied tasks) 50%
  • Essay 20%

External Assessment

  • Exam 30%