Mathematics Pathways (Stage 2 Essential Mathematics 2017)   Credits - 20  TAS Full Year

Essential Mathematics offers senior secondary students the opportunity to extend their mathematical skills in ways that apply to practical problem-solving in everyday and workplace contexts. Students apply their mathematics to diverse settings, including everyday calculations, financial management, business applications, measurement and geometry, and statistics in social contexts. In Essential Mathematics there is an emphasis on developing students’ computational skills and expanding their ability to apply their mathematical skills in flexible and resourceful ways.

This subject is intended for students planning to pursue a career in a range of trades or vocations.

Stage 2 Essential Mathematics consists of the following six topics:

  • Topic 1: Scales, Plans, and Models
  • Topic 2: Measurement
  • Topic 3: Business Applications
  • Topic 4: Statistics
  • Topic 5: Investments and Loans
  • Topic 6: Open Topic

Students study five topics from the list of six topics above. All students must study topics 2, 4, and 5.