English (Stage 2) 20 Credits, TAS, 2 Semesters

Entry Recommendations: A ‘C’ grade or higher in Stage 1 English or English Studies, and by discretion of the English Coordinator.


In Stage 2 English students analyse the interrelationship of author, text, and audience, with an emphasis on how language and stylistic features shape ideas and perspectives in a range of contexts. They consider social, cultural, economic, historical, and/or political perspectives in texts and their representation of human experience and the world.

Students explore how the purpose of a text is achieved through application of text conventions and stylistic choices to position the audience to respond to ideas and perspectives. An understanding of purpose, audience, and context is applied in students’ own creation of imaginative, interpretive, analytical, and persuasive texts that may be written, oral, and/or multimodal.

Students have opportunities to reflect on their personal values and those of other people by responding to aesthetic and cultural aspects of texts from the contemporary world, from the past, and from Australian and other cultures.

Please note: Students who study Stage 2 English will earn an extra 2 ATAR points.

School ‐ based Assessment Weighting 70%

  • Responding to Texts 30%
  • Creating Texts 40%

External Assessment 30%

  • Comparative Analysis 30%