12 Advanced Furniture Design and Construction

Course Entry: Satisfactory completion of the Furniture Design and Construction (Stage 1) or Innovative Wood Technology (Stage 1) course is recommended.

In this course the students design, make and evaluate an item of free-standing furniture of their choice using mainly wood and/or wood-based products. They learn how to use the panel saw to cut furniture components accurately and safely, and demonstrate skills and knowledge learnt in previous Design and Technology courses.

The students produce a folio that contains their investigations into materials and construction processes, the design and planning of their project, a visual and written record of the making process and an evaluation of their performance and finished piece of furniture.


1. School-based Assessment:

  • Skills and Applications Tasks 20%
  • Product 50%

2. External Assessment:

  • Folio 30%

Course Costs: The students pay for the materials used in the construction of their major project. They must present a signed Commitment to Pay form before beginning the making process. Full payment must be made two weeks after presenting the form.