Stage 1 Music -Solo & Ensemble Performance from Aussie Rock and Beyond


Through the study of Music students have the opportunity to engage in Musical activities such as performing, composing arranging, and researching, developing and applying Music technologies. Students have the opportunity to develop their practical and creative potential, oral and written skills, and their capacity to make informed, interpretative and aesthetic judgements. 
Entry Recommendations and Special Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Music or by consultation with the Music Coordinator.  Music is a Full Year subject
  • All Year 11 Music students are required to attend weekly instrumental /vocal lessons for the full year either here at the College with free tuition from DECD IM Staff or with their own private teacher at their own expense.
  • Attend and participate at performances as arranged by the Music teacher

Subject Description
Music is a creative and expressive response to experiences and feelings, using sounds as a medium.  The study of Music enables students to appreciate the world in unique ways, through aesthetic treatments of sound across cultures times, places and contexts.
Students develop their critical and creative thinking, and their aesthetic appreciation of music, through exploring and responding to the music of other, and refining and presenting performances and/or compositions.
Learning Requirements
In this subject, students are expected to:

  • Develop and apply knowledge and understanding of musical elements
  • Explore and apply musical skills and techniques in developing, refining and presenting creative works
  • Develop musical literacy skills
  • Analyze, discuss and interpret musical works and styles
  • Communicate musical ideas
  • Reflect on their own learning
  • Rehearse and perform music both as a soloist and a member of an ensemble
  • Attend performances as arranged by the Music Teacher

Assessment at Stage 1 is school bases. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following Assessment types:

  • Assessment Type 1: Creative Works
  • Assessment Type 2: Musical Literacy

All three Performance Standards – Understanding Music, Creating Music and Responding to Music must be met. 

Associated costs:

Those students who need to hire an instrument can do so through the school at an additional cost. Students and their families needing to access this feature will be required to enter a Hire Agreement and return a signed Contract with payment. Payment plans can be negotiated as required. Please note: commitment is for 12 months and fees are not refundable. IMS Instrumental/Vocal Reports will be issued at the end of each semester.

Certificate II Music  Industry – FULL YEAR (40 SACE Credits)

Course Description

This qualification is for those students who have an interest in music and are keen to develop skills as a musician or producer with the aim to perform, use music technology and be involved with live music events. It is offered as a preparatory program and pathway into the Certificate III in Music Industry course.


Compulsory units
BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others (20 nominal hours)
CUAIND201 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge (20 nominal hours)
BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others (15 nominal hours)
Elective units
CUAMLT201 Develop and apply musical ideas and listening skills (25 nominal hours)
CUAMPF101 Develop skills to play or sing music (70 nominal hours)
CUAMPF204 Play or sing from simple written notation (30 nominal hours)
CUASTA202 Assist with bump in and bump out of shows (80 nominal hours)
CUAMPF203 Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music (50 nominal hours)

Competency Notes

The units of competency in the program include developing and updating industry knowledge, participation in work, health and safety processes and working effectively with others. Several units also allow students to develop skills in the area of their interest especially preparing for performances.


CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry
CUA40915 Certificate IV in Music Industry
CUA50815 Diploma of Music Industry
CUA60515 Advanced Diploma of Music Industry

Possible Future Career Opportunities:


Music Technician


Stage Producer


Stage Manager

Session Musician



Band member