Stage 1 Design & Sculpture

Entry Recommendations: Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Visual Art or Design, as well as keen interest in Design.


The Design course aims to further develop students in the Design process and create the different types of Sculpture: Environmental Design, Photography, Product Design and Graphic Design. The Visual Study is based on one in particular and students gain experience in the techniques used in the Design world either three dimensions or two dimensions. The Folio is the technical experiments and back-up studies of the major Practical Design including cultural and historical analysis. The major practical follows the Design Process to produce a self-directed resolved Design project.


Visual Thinking (Study on types of Design) research on Design Practical Resolution (Self-directed resolved Design) Design in Context (Back up to practical studies, techniques and History Analysis)

Assessment Type 1: Folio 40%

Assessment Type 2: Practical 30%

Assessment Type 3: Visual study 30%