Society and Culture (Stage 1) 10 Credits 1 Semester

Entry Recommendations:  Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Humanities or Historical Studies A &/or B.

In Society and Culture, students explore and analyse the interactions of people, societies, cultures, and environments. Students learn about the ways in which societies constantly change and are affected by social, political, historical, environmental, economic, and cultural factors. Society and Culture gives students critical insight into the significance of factors such as gender, ethnicity, racism, class, and power structures that affect the lives and identities of individuals and groups. They develop the skills to critically analyse a range of viewpoints about peoples, societies, and issues; understand diversity within and across societies; and extend their awareness of the connections between, and the interdependence of, societies and cultures.
In a semester subject two topics are to be covered: one Australian and one Global. Previous topics have included Youth Culture of the 60s and 70s and Pokemon Go.

Assessment at Stage 1 is school based with 3-4 summative tasks.  These tasks will incorporate a range of skills and will allow students to demonstrate evidence of learning through a variety of platforms including written responses, oral responses, and ICT displays.  Students will be assessed in the following three areas using standardised Stage 1 Performance Standards:

  • Sources Analysis
  • Group Activity
  • Investigation