Stage 1 Physical Education (Semester 1 – 10 Credits)

Learning will be delivered through an integrated approach that will support a conceptual framework that promotes deep learning in, through and about movement.

In movement – Students will explore physical activity by extending and applying their knowledge and movement concepts, and strategies and skill learning. Through Movement – Students will explore barriers and enablers to physical activity identifying how personal, social and cultural factors can affect participation. About Movement – Students will develop theoretical knowledge to understand the richness and diversity of movement experiences.

Assessment Type 1: Improvement Analysis (two tasks)

Students will participate in a variety of physical activities focussing on movement concepts or strategies to improve performance.

Activities may include integrated topics in: Invasion Games (Frisbee) and Exercise Physiology, as well as Net/Wall Games (Volleyball and Badminton) with Coaching, Psychology and Skill Acquisition.

Assessment Type 2: Physical Activity Investigation (one task)

Students will participate in physical activity to investigate how personal, social and cultural factors affect, or are influenced by, participation.

Course Fee: $75 per semester