JAPANESE (Continuers) (Stage 1)   Credits - 20  2 semesters

Entry Recommendations: Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Japanese. Stage 1 Japanese is a full year subject.

Japanese is a modern, dynamic language from a country with close economic and business ties to Australia. Additionally it has a rich and diverse cultural history to explore and compare to build intercultural understanding.
Content including topics such as:

  • Living in Japan
  • Diaries
  • Cultural Exchanges
  • Home stay in Japan
  • Tourism
  • Comparing Items
  • Formal Language
  • Excursions
  • Directions
  • Letter Writing/Kanji
  • Japanese History
  • Contemporary Family Life

Assessment:  Four assessment components individually weighted at a minimum of 10%

  • Oral Task
  • Text Analysis Task
  • Written Task
  • Investigative Task

It is likely that this class will run in conjunction with another year level.