General Mathematics (Stage 1)     Credits - 20   Full Year

Entry Recommendations: 

Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Mathematics


General Mathematics extends students’ mathematical skills in ways that apply to practical problem solving. A problem-based approach is integral to the development of mathematical models and the associated key ideas in the topics.

These topics cover a diverse range of applications of mathematics, including personal financial management, measurement and trigonometry, the statistical investigation process, modelling using linear and non-linear functions, and discrete modelling using networks and matrices.
Course topics

  • Investing and Borrowing

  • Measurement

  • Statistical Investigation

  • Applications of Trigonometry

  • Linear and Exponential Functions and their Graphs

  • Matrices and Networks

  • Open Topic


Assessment at Stage 1 is school based. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • Investigations Folio

  • Skills and Applications Tasks