11 Furniture Design and Construction

Course Entry: Satisfactory completion of the Introduction to Furniture Design and Construction (year 10) course is recommended.

Furniture Design and Construction is for those students who wish to study Design and Technology - Advanced Furniture Design and Construction at SACE Stage 2 level, as well as those who do not.

The students will be taught a range of new skills and processes as well as revising the use of wood and wood-based products, joining systems and construction techniques learnt in previous courses.

The focus in this course will be on using the Design Cycle to design and make a small cabinet for a specific purpose. It must comprise a box construction and a drawer. The final product must be functional and completed to a high standard.

Assessment: Assessment is school-based. The students will demonstrate evidence of their learning through the successful completion of the following tasks:

  • 1. Skills and Applications Tasks 20%
  • 2. Folio 30%
  • 3. Product 50%

Course Costs: The students pay for the materials used in the construction of their major project. They must present a signed Commitment to Pay form before beginning the making process. Full payment must be made two weeks after presenting the form.construction techniques.