English Studies (Stage 1) 20 Credits, 2 Semesters

Entry Recommendations: An above satisfactory pass in Year 10 English or English Studies, or by negotiation with the English Coordinator.

Overall English Studies aims to create a more articulate, astute and analytical student. This course is recommended for students who wish to enrol in Year 12 English Studies however, students with an enthusiasm and talent in English are also encouraged to enrol.

Assessment and texts studied will give students the opportunity to further develop their skills in reading, viewing, writing, speaking and listening. In particular they will spend time critically analysing authors’ choices in texts (written and film) and hone their articulation skills in response to this analysis. Students will also create their own texts for a range of purposes. Furthermore, they will compare and contrast relationships between texts.

Assessment is school based with 4-5 summative tasks per semester. At least one of these should be delivered as an oral or multi-modal presentation. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning each semester through the following assessment types:

  • Responding to Texts
  • Creating Texts
  • Intertextual Study