Aboriginal Studies (Stage 1) 10 Credits, 1 Semester

Entry Recommendations: Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Historical Studies A/B or Humanities or by negotiation with Humanities Co-ordinator

This subject gives students the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the rich culture and history of our 60,000 year old country from an indigenous perspective.

In Aboriginal Studies, students draw on elements of sociology, arts, literature, politics, and history. Students develop their knowledge and understanding of the diversity of Aboriginal peoples, the Dreaming, and Aboriginal histories and contemporary cultures. To inform their learning, students analyse different perspectives from Aboriginal people, in person and through organisations and other sources.

Aboriginal Studies is primarily about Australian Aboriginal peoples, but teaching and learning about Torres Strait Islander peoples is also relevant, particularly in relation to topics that deal with land legislation and the diversity of Australia’s Indigenous peoples, cultures, and languages.

2019 Topics may include:

  • Coexistence and Reconciliation
  • Aboriginal Cultures
  • Aboriginal Lands
  • Aboriginal Languages
  • Aboriginal Sites
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Aboriginal People and the Law
  • Aboriginal Arts and Literature
  • Aboriginal Film
  • Aboriginal People in the Media.

Assessment at Stage 1 is school based with 4-5 summative tasks. Evidence of learning will be demonstrated through a variety of platforms including written responses, oral responses, and ICT displays. Students will be assessed in the following areas using standardised Stage 1 Performance Standards:

  • Response
  • Text Production
  • Reflection