10 Drama B


Entry Recommendations:  Satisfactory completion of Year 9 Drama.

In this semester of the Year 10 Drama course the aim is to further develop students’ performance and ensemble skills and introduce them to new styles and forms of theatre as well as technical theatre. Students will be introduced to Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. They will look at the impact Shakespeare, his plays and writings have had and his on-going influence on theatre today. Students will also learn about specific Styles of Theatre that have made an impact on the way theatre has evolved throughout history and influences what we still do today. They will look at four specific developments: Elizabethan Theatre, English Restoration, Realism and Non-Realism. From this they will create, devise, rehearse and perform their own modern pieces of theatre using these set features and styles. They will also be introduced to Script Writing and Monologues and will create, write and perform their own pieces in a Monologue day. Students will also read a variety of other plays, with the emphasis on interpretation, characterisation, voice projection, experimentation and play building. They will also be required to record all their processes, to rehearsals and final performances in a Production Report. Students will also attend live theatre performances and write critical Reviews using correct drama terminology and review writing structures.