10 Specialist Mathematics

Entry Recommendations:

High level of achievement in Year 9 Mathematics, Year 10 Maths


Mathematics aims to provide students with an appreciation of the usefulness, power and beauty of the subject. One aspect of this is the awareness that Mathematics is a universal language with diverse applications.

All students should own their own Scientific calculator – information regarding purchasing an appropriate Scientific calculator can be obtained from the STEM Coordinator.

Examples of tasks/topics

The study of Mathematics includes five branches of Mathematics with content as part of the Year 10 (Advanced) Australian Curriculum: Number, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability and Discrete Mathematics.

  • Graphing and Equations
  • Frequencies and Probabilities
  • Calculation and problem solving relating to prisms and triangles
  • Numerical fluency in applying index laws and scientific notation
  • Cartesian Geometry
  • Data Collection and analysis