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Science Y10

Subject Description

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Science at Y10 will be divided into two areas (both compulsory):

  • Marine Sciences (1 Semester) and

  • Earth & Cosmos (1 Semester)

Both topics will be based on their own “Big Questions” that will be discussed whilst working through the required content.

As the science will be undertaken in the new STEM building which is open space, students and teachers will be required to work collaboratively more than any other time and take initiatives and ownership of their own learning.

There will be plenty of “hands-on” activities that will help us gain better insight into the way our world works and enable us to understand much bigger issues we face today.

Marine Sciences: Topic/Unit



How did we become?

How does a biological Big Bang differ from Darwin’s theory of evolution?

Norman Tindle’s genetic trail of Aboriginal tribal networks (a possible museum trip).

Marine biota in the intertidal zone (local excursions).

The next generation and adaptation (group research).

Seagrass distribution, human intervention and its effects on biodiversity (incursion/excursion/presenter).

What does DNA look like - can I see it without a microscope?

DEVOLUTION: Create a [video/ancestry tree/sketch/animation/kahoot] of “Who do you think they are?” choosing one marine creature and following back its evolution

8 weeks

Why do we breathe?

Design and conduct your own Investigation (possible questions):

* Are mercury levels in tuna toxic for humans?

* Investigation with Sea Grass?
* Investigation of perrywinkles.

* How can we help our SOLE Space get better tomatoes?

5 weeks

How can we survive on another planet?

Why is ocean carbon storage important?

How does acidification of oceans influence our future?

How did Indigenous Australians work around natural disaster issues?

What do we need to survive on another planet?

How can we create artificial atmosphere on another planet?

Does the science of ‘The Martian” add-up? What would YOU do?

7 weeks

Science Y10

Subject Description

Earth & Cosmos: Topic/Unit



How did we get here?

How would the formation of the Earth be affected if water never happened?

What would Earth be like if [gravity/atmosphere/etc] was missing?

Earth and atmosphere (formation, geological evidence, structure).

Heating and cooling process, wind, tectonic plate movement, gravity & formation of Earth

Cultural perspectives of Earth origin stories

Life - origins: Chemical energy transformations, reactions and bonding, forms of energy / energy budgets / extremophiles. From meteorites to rockets.

6 weeks

What’s out there?

Where else can life exist?

What would aliens look like (based on science)?

Could we live on Titan? What about Europa?

What if we found the end of the Universe?

Who owns proprietary aspects of space?

Where did it all come from? Universe & solar system - origins, evolution, evidence.

How hot can the Earth get?

Is there perpetual energy? What energy do living creatures need for life?

Are we in a habitable zone? Why was Dubai even built originally?

Could we survive if we ran out of Fossil Fuels tomorrow?

Could mining asteroids be cost effective? Stargazing. Astronomy. Excursion to the outback?

4 weeks

How do we get there?

How do I become a healthy astronaut - Black out and red out, G-force, bone density, muscle atrophy, sustainable atmosphere,
Psychological forces e.g isolation, stress, group dynamics

Would I develop the same muscles living in space vs living on Earth?

Mental and physical safety during a trip - can love survive space travel?

Travelling in space - why do we need to make predictions and mathematical models?

Build your own meteorite. Shoot your own meteorite.

Can we leave our planet safely due to all the Space junk?

What are the problems with Communication in/across space?

Design an Investigation: Navigation/Propulsion

8 weeks