10 English Studies

Elective subject (in lieu of ENGLISH 10 if chosen)

Entry Conditions: High level of achievement in Year 9 English

Content: Overall, English Studies aims to create a more articulate, astute and analytical student with the subject focussing on preparing students for Year 12 English Studies. Students who may not wish to study English in Year 12 but have a love of the subject are also encouraged to choose this elective.

Emphasis is on in-depth study of different forms of classic and contemporary texts, including literature, film and poetry. Students will gain understanding of literary and film techniques and will have opportunities to create their own texts in a variety of styles and mediums including short film, poetry and creative writing. English Studies content and assessment tasks are designed to enrich and enhance deep student learning and extend their articulation, analysis and thinking skills. It also further develops students’ skills in writing, reading, viewing, listening and speaking.