Design Technologies (Product Design & Fabrication) Y9

>Course Entry: Satisfactory completion of the Introduction to Design and Technology (year 8) and Product Design (year 9) courses is recommended.

>Product Design students are those with a creative side and a willingness to learn ways of combining multiple materials and joining techniques to make a product and the designing and research that goes into it.

>The students will be taught a range of techniques depending on what they choose to create including revisiting and extending their skills with the MIG welders, engineering drawings and metal lathes should it require.

>Students will be using timber, mild steel and concrete in their designs and will learn all relevant skills with these three materials.

Students may also be creating some more traditional metalwork projects to reinforce the skills such as a BBQ or simple tool making,

Course Costs: The students pay for the materials used in the construction of their major project. They must present a signed ‘Commitment to Pay’ form before beginning the making process. Full payment must be made two weeks after presenting the form.