Enrolling your child at Ocean View College B-12 opens them to a wide range of exciting special features exclusive to our school.


Our school is ideally placed to offer sailing programs to our students. Our beachfront location, the proximity of several sailing clubs, the expertise of staff and the high levels of student interest in sailing programs has led to the development of the Special Sailing Program. Sailing is a curriculum option at Year 8 and Year 9. Students from Year 6-12 can also choose to be part of the college’s sailing team. The team trains most weeks at Port River Sailing Club in the College’s fleet of Pacer dinghies. Ocean View College is an active participant in the SA Secondary Schools’ Teams Racing Competitions.

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Doorways To Construction

The Doorways 2 Construction – Civil program at Ocean View College was the first program of this type in South Australia with a civil construction focus. Students aim to complete the Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations –Civil and include a number of structured work placements over the year. Using a hands on approach to learning and development of skills students achieve competency in the 8 required units. Students have taken up employment directly in the civil construction areas going on to complete Certificate III in Plant Operations or in a range of other related trades such as general construction, plumbing, etc.

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Social Learning

At Ocean View College, we believe it is vital that we address the needs of our students by making connections between the curriculum and student well-being. It is imperative that we teach young people the personal skills that underpin resiliency, as evidence suggests that today's world is not only more challenging, but that young people may also have fewer resources to deal with those challenges than previous generations.

Student Leadership

We have instigated a new student leadership model within the college to allow more authentic and relevant student involvement and community interaction.  Students from Years R – 12 have been invited to join one of five SWAT teams (Students Working Actively Together) with two main foci: Service to the community and Student voice.  The five teams are:

  • Special Days/Events: prioritising & organising the many activities that take place throughout the year
  • Lunchtime Activities: consulting with students/staff and establishing a varied, interesting and sustainable program for the college community
  • Environment: recycling, gardening, Our-Patch project, Clean Up Australia, Water Watch, Adopt a Road
  • Values: looking at ways we can positively and consistently promote our school values
  • Community: establishing areas of need and ways that we can help in the community

Clowning Around

The clown troupe was established in 2003 as part of the Active8 – Premier’s Youth Challenge. Currently 30 students from years 8 – 12, are involved in team building and community performances. The troupe offers performances for schools about social learning while entertaining students with a variety of circus skills.