Q. What is the school vision?

We have a commitment to each and every child:

  • Supporting their health and well being
  • Developing a positive, supportive relationship with children, their parents and the wider community
  • Enhancing their success, academically, socially, emotionally and physically as they develop into young adults
  • Acknowledging their needs, strengths and aspirations through flexible and individualised programming

Q. Why a B - 12 School?

B-12 schooling is about choice.  Ocean View College B-12 is committed to providing parents and children with a school community where every child and young person can have a valued role and success as a member of that community.

It is a school in which students can complete their whole education at one site if desired.  There are also supported entry and transition points including Reception and year 7 to 8 etc.

We believe that through our B-12 ethos, Ocean View College provides outstanding opportunities for students in developing leadership, pride and a sense of community.

Q. How big is the school?

The College currently has approximately 680 children and young people enrolled.  This number coprises 400 secondary students, 200 primary students and 80 Child Care and Pre School children.  Each sector is large enough to offer a comprehensive curriculum whilst being small enough to allow students to benefit from the personalised environment.

Q. What is the school uniform?

Each of the four levels of schooling have a set uniform comprised of one of four shades of blue, also represented by the section titles on this website.  The wearing of uniform is compulsory for students in the Junior, Middle and Senior School.

Q. What do we do for talented students?

Students are actively encouraged to broaden and deepen their learning options.  We do this by enabling them to participate in a range of extension programs.  Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of state and national competitions both academic and sporting. Students from Year 10 are encouraged to complete VET programs as part of their SACE.  For gifted students we extend/accelerate by subject or year level if appropriate.

Q. What does the school do for children with special needs?

The school has a strong commitment to students with special needs.  We provide leadership through the position of Coordinator - Special Needs (B-12).  For students with disabilities and learning difficulties, we provide individual, small group and in-class support and as students get older there are also specialised classes and programs according to needs.  We also have an Area Resource class for children from Years 3-7.

Q. How are Indigenous students supported?

We have several Aboriginal Education teachers and Aboriginal Community Education Officers who support students through a range of programming and initiatives. We have a Nunga room and strong links with Kura Yerlo where students are part of AYAC (the Aboriginal Youth Action Committee).  We celebrate Apology Day, Naidoc Week, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week and Aboriginal Cultural Week. Please access our Aboriginal Education pages for more comprehensive information.

Q. What are the start and finish times?

School begins at 8.45am.  In the mornings the school yard is supervised from 8.30am.  The dismissal times are 3.05pm for the Junior School and 3.15pm for the Middle and Senior Schools.  Each Tuesday, the Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools finish at 2.15pm allowing for whole staff meetings and professional development opportunities.  Pre School morning session begins at 9.00am and finishes at 11.30am and afternoon session begins at 12.30pm and finishes at 3.00pm.  Out of Hours School Care is available from 7.30am and from 3.15pm-6.15pm.


School begins



10:45 - 11:05am


12:55pm – 1:35pm

Dismissal Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Years R-5       at 3:05pm
Years 6-12     at 3:15pm

Dismissal Tuesday – Whole School

                      at 2:15pm

Q. How is sports participation encouraged?

There is a comprehensive Physical Education curriculum from Reception through to Year 12 with primary students having access to specialised personnel, resources and facilities. The College has strong involvement in Inter School Competitions through Wednesday afternoon sport, Zone and Knockout sport.  Students and/or teams are supported and encouraged to pursue zone, region and state level titles.  School sports carnivals are a feature of the College and these include Junior School Sports day, Middle School Sports days, Athletic Standards Day, Middle School Beach Carnival etc.  Participation by all students is an expectation.

Q. What do our students say about the school?

As part of our commitment to improvement and relevance, we regularly survey our student community. The students (from Reception to Year 12) responded with over 90% reporting satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Students feel safe at school
  • Guidelines/rules are in place to deal with harassment/violence
  • Guidelines/rules are in place to deal with issues relating to student well-being
  • Classrooms are well presented
  • The foyer/front office is friendly, welcoming and attractive
  • The outside of our school is well maintained, appealing and attractive
  • Newsletters are given out regularly
  • Students are able to have a say and express their concerns through a variety of ways
  • Students are kept informed and know what is happening at school
  • Success is celebrated and acknowledged
  • When issues occur, there are people available for us to see
  • The school caters for the different learning needs of students
  • Fairness at our school is very important
  • A variety of extra-curricular activities are available for students to be involved in (e.g. sporting teams, interest groups)
  • The school recognises, and responds accordingly, to students’ social and emotional needs