Career Development

In modern society young people are faced with an enormous number of choices and decisions to make about life, learning and work. Our role is to equip them with the skills, capabilities and understandings to approach, consider, reflect, and seek advice to assess opportunities and make decisions including those relevant to the world of work and further study and career choices.

It is evident that the provision of career information alone is not sufficient. Providing opportunities for young people to increase awareness and to build skills, for example, in resiliency, creativity and problem solving requires teachers to be skilled and committed to a careers approach and that schools have plans, structures and processes in place to enable this to occur.

Ocean View College students are currently able to investigate future Career options through structured programs such as the Personal Learning Plan in Year 10 and Research Project in Year 12, as well as activities incorporated into the Curriculum across all Learning Areas. This investigation incorporates: Choosing subjects, VET, participating in structured work placements, investigating careers, work opportunities and further education. The DECD Vocational Pathways Strategy aims to create a systematic Years 8-12 Careers Strategy in schools to build students? career management skills to craft their lifelong learning and career pathways.

A trial school for Careers Strategy, Ocean View College is providing various opportunities for our students to engage in career education. A Career Education Framework for students from Years 6-12 is currently under construction which aims to facilitate our students? development of their career management skills.

Key features of the Careers Strategy at OVC:

Develop a Year's 6-12 Careers Strategy , Build students, career development skills, including through approaches such as Guiding Circles / Hope Filled Engagement, Coaching Young People for Success and the Chaos Theory. Engage parents/caregivers in their child's decision making about pathways and build parents, career development skills. Improve course counselling processes that link with students, pathways planning. Engage employers with career development. Trial the Graduate Qualities and Capabilities Framework, leading to a statement for school leavers.


The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a compulsory 10-credit subject undertaken at Stage 1, Year 10. Students must achieve a C grade or better to complete the subject successfully and gain their SACE.

At Ocean View College students are prepared to successfully complete the Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan at Year 10 based upon the SACE Learning Requirements and Assessment Design Criteria.

The PLP helps students to:

Plan their personal and learning goals for the future, make informed decisions about their personal development, education, and training. Developing goals for the future will engage students in activities such as: selecting subjects, courses, and other learning relevant to pathways through and beyond school, investigating possible career choices, exploring personal and learning goals

In order to enable students to make informed decisions about their future options, the Career Development Information site provides the opportunity for Students, Parents and Staff to access resources and links to current information and events. Please feel free to browse and provide feedback.