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C2C Program(NAMIG)

The C2C Program was developed by the NAMIG (Northern Advanced ManufacturingIndustry Group) Inc to provide a way for schools and industry in NorthernAdelaide to work together to provide students with industry experience. Througha suite of programs and activities, C2C introduces a “product life cycle”approach to science, maths and technology education helping schools andstudents to develop the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of advancedmanufacturing processes and possibilities through a problem based learningapproach.

Students and industry work together to solve a problem that requires a productor service.  Assisted by industry partners students take the product fromthe concept, through research and development, production and quality assuranceto the final creation and marketing.  Along the way they will use thescience, maths and technological knowledge they learn in their school subjects.

Others: (each will have a blurb & link)

Australian SubmarineCorp (ASC)

IntercontinentalHotel Group

Australian MaritimeCollege (AMC)